Watch Your Back, Alligator and Snake Behind You!


When Peanut was 21 months old he had a lot of fun eating spaghetti


Pumpkin is 20 months old and she is getting the hang of it too.

Plus we have learned to take off her clothes and take her outside on spaghetti night.

For the next 2 weeks the kids will have swimming lessons every night at Leawood Pool. It’s lots of fun but makes me stay on top of dinner and does not leave a lot of time for screwing around after work. Last night I made spaghetti with deer burger and shredded carrots for Peanut and added a bunch of zucchini, onions and celery for the rest of us.

We also broke out a dark Italian spent beer grains bread I had made over the weekend. It was full of garlic and spices and easily the best spent grain bread so far. We broke off sections and dipped in olive oil.

Everyone ate good and we had a nice dinner.

After dinner we cleaned up the people and the food and had some flavor ice Popsicles.  Then the AC guy showed up. It was about 95 in the house so we were pretty happy to see him. I showed him all the important parts and then he got to work and I helped Heath get the kids ready to swim and kept an eye on him. They left for swim lessons and I hung out and talked to the AC guy. It turned out to be a short in a wire leading into the compressor. It was an easy fix for him and he checked everything else out and only charged us the basic service fee so we were happy.

I shut all the windows and attic fan and everything then paid and headed out. I was a little nervous when I got to the pool because it is like $8 or $10 to get in as a non resident but I told them my kids were in lessons and I was there to watch and they let me right in. I found Peanut’s class first.


He was mostly splashing with another boy


But I think he was learning from the instructor some too.

Then I wondered over to the shallow pool and found the Mommy and me class.  DSCF3407

Pumpkin has no fear of the water and likes to be independent so Heath had her hands full. The little ones worked on jumping in and moving around and I think kicking and stuff


but I didn’t want to distract so I went over to Peanut’s lesson most of the time and watched from afar. The lessons were like 45 minutes and the pool was full of different lessons spread all over. After the lessons Pumpkin’s class moved to the whale slide.


I took off my shirt and shoes and joined in the fun. We played all over the pool


and stayed until they were about to close.


Then we got our stuff and headed home. Everyone was starving so Peanut took a shower and I worked on snacks. We had some cereal and ice cream and pudding. Then the kids read books and went to bed. I diced up a bunch of hash brown taters and then froze them and then headed downstairs to put away all the air mattresses and pads and stuff from where we slept the night before. The house was cooling off and it was a normal night. Once I got all the stuff away I checked on Heath doing paperwork and then I made a sandwich and we headed to bed.

This morning I made everyone an awesome breakfast burrito with the potatoes and some sausage and egg. I also made some great progress on the wood pile and ran out of good logs to split. I’ll need to chainsaw up some more and then probably beat the last of them with a wedge and the giant maul.


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