P00L Fun


I had the word “back” in my tittle of my post for the previous 10 days. I’m just curious if anyone was keeping track but me?

Lots of good pictures today.


After work I got home first and sent the Nanny home. I started working on dinner and Amanda and Alli came over and the girls got busy playing.


I cooked / grilled up a bunch of stuff.

Heath, Peanut and Jon joined us and after a bit we had quite a spread.

Pumpkin acted really interested in the hamburgers for a minute but it turned out she just saw the cheese on them and wanted to get some of that.

Alli got after some corn on the cob.

After dinner we kinda rushed around to get ready for swim lessons then everyone left. Heath dropped Peanut and I off at the door and we got there just in time to get him started for the day.


They held their breath and worked on kicking and arm movements
and the back float.

Pumpkin’s class is 15 minutes shorter so Heath and her got parked and watched Peanut a minute before starting.


They talked about kicking legs, and tried to blow bubbles and jumped in to parents.


And they worked on the back float some too.

Then both classes got over and we all played.

Pumpkin went down the whale slide about 50 times. She could do it all by herself, she would slide down


then run back to the stairs and climb up and go again.


Peanut wrestled the big snake for a while and then joined her. Heath and Pumpkin took a break in the shallow end.

Peanut and I worked on swimming


Actually he and Heath practiced for a bit also and tried to go down the big slide and we all played in the spray park area some and then Pumpkin got freezing and Heath warmed her up.


Then we headed home. Heath changed and mowed the front yard. I rinsed the kids off in the shower and then got them in pajamas. Then Peanut read Pumpkin books.

He did a great job and it was awesome to watch them reading together. While he was doing that I made him a little glass of milk and 3 chocolate chip cookies with a thin layer of ice cream on top of them. Then I read Pumpkin 1 more book while he snacked and put her in bed. Then Peanut brushed teeth and I tucked him in.

I got Heath a big drink then joined her in the yard. I had some chain sawing to do on some big logs and then worked with the big maul and the wedge a bit. It got dark and we stacked wood for 15 minutes before cleaning up the kitchen and ourselves and heading to bed.

In the morning I stacked and split wood for a while then did some more dishes and then Heath and I stacked a bunch more.

Heath and I got all this wood stacked last night and this morning and now the wood area is looking pretty good. I should have it ready for vehicles and boats in a few days.

Almost 2 months ago you could not see the ground anywhere around that area.

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