How a Waterpark Starts

Usual start to the evening I get home and start working on dinner so we can get it over before swim lessons. Heath and Peanut got home before me and had a jump on things. We were having curry so we cut up all the veggies and stuff we could find and tossed it in a pan.

This version had a lot of braut leftovers and chicken in it and little bit of shrimp too. While the rice and curry were cooking Heath proposed moving the slide thing to the deck and point it at the pool. It freed up a lot of space in the family room and made the pool more fun.

Then we sat down to eat.

It was really good and everyone ate good, though some slowly.

After dinner we got the kids and mom in swimsuits and packed up towels and stuff and they headed to lessons with out me. We decided not to play after lessons and I decided to mow the back yard instead of watch lessons.

So everyone had lessons and they learned a lot and had a good time.


and missed there handsome dad


I got all the back yard mowed good then broke out the weed eater for the first time this year and did some trimming. There is a lot of trimming to do and I did not get to it all but I got the high traffic areas in the backyard and most of the front yard done.

I quit shortly after the fam got home and helped Heath get the kids in bed. Peanut read to Pumpkin again.

I showered and then shared a bowl of cereal with Pumpkin and tucked her in bed. Heath and I finished cleaning up the kitchen then laid down in bed early. We watched 90% of a movie until it was bedtime.

In the middle of the night we awoke to hear a thud and then Pumpkin crying and Heath and I rushed into her room. In the dark she had woken up and climbed out of her crib and slid between the crib and the wall and was pinned back there. Once we picked her out she was ok and I rocked her a bit and laid her down to go back to sleep. In the morning I worked on the wood pile for a while, mostly piling upĀ  the nasty chunks that are hard to split and a bit of stacking the good split stuff. Then I made pancakes with dices strawberries and whip cream.

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