Mostly Outside


Friday was kind of wacky. I took off a 1/2 day and the plan was for Peanut and Heath to pick me up at noon and we all go to Oceans of Fun for the day. In the morning it was cool and dark and raining and the forecast was for more rain so we decided to cancel the trip but we had no idea what to do with the day. Heath and Peanut decided to go to Kalidascope for a bit and then they came to my office to make a plan. I was starving and we didn’t really come up with a plan but headed out to get food. We walked to the plaza along brush creek and got lunch at 810 Zone then headed up to the arcade.


We played a few games and Peanut got a little stuffed pony.


Then we left and walked some more. We walked over the Nelson Atkins museum.


We checked out the art inside and out.


We were pretty exhausted by the time we walked back to the car and headed home. Amanda and Alli where there playing with Pumpkin and we hung out a bit then they headed home. I took a little nap on the couch and Heath worked on Pumpkin’s room. The night before Pumpkin had climbed out of her crib in the middle of the night so we took the side off the crib. This was okay but a big drop to the floor and we were not sure she would ever lay in her bed. So we set up a little tent too.

So now she has 2 beds in her room and depending on her mood she sleeps in the bed if she is good and in the tent if she tries to tear apart her room. Besides climbing out of her crib she has learned to open the closet door and the door to her room and the child safety locks. I figure tomorrow she will have the tent zipper figured out.

Friday evening we mostly took it easy. I made a bunch of mini pizzas from tortillas and leftovers and they were awsome. Once the kids were in bed Heath and I drank a bunch of Java Stout and watched movies and the thunderstorm. Ohh yeah it was nice and sunny and hot all day and the waterpark would have been perfect.

Friday I got up at 7:30 I put on long pants, a long shirt, gloves and boots and grabbed some trimmers and got after the yard.

I started in the front and worked my way around everything. There was some serious growth that needed trimmed back.I cut and cut and cut. Once the front was done I moved to the back. I cleaned up along the fences and about everything a foot into the wilderness area.

I did a bunch of trimming around where the pig pit will be so we can find big rocks easy and have more room for hanging out and camping.

I got it about all trimmed before everyone else woke up. Once they were up I took a break and we ate breakfast. Then I did some more trimming. Then Peanut came out and we started picking up all the brush. There was a ton everywhere. I worked on it all afternoon. Peanut worked for a while then headed to the park with the neighbors. Jon and Amanda came by and dropped Alli off to play with Pumpkin.


Heath watched the girls and I worked on the yard. We thawed some ribs and I took a break to rub them down with spices.

I took them over to Stephen and he smoked them with some chickens. Eventaully I got all the yard cleaned up and then trimmed the stuff near the roof. Then I got cleaned up and helped Heath clean the house. She had been working on cleaning, organizing, laundry etc. Around dinner time Steven brought over the smoked meat and a bunch of sides.

The ribs were not quite done so we stuck them in the oven and had mac and cheese, chicken, Italian sausage, baked beans, green bean fruit and probably other stuff. It was quite a feast. We relaxed on the deck for a while when dinner was over and had cupcakes and played with the cat.

Everyone was stuffed when the ribs were done so we saved them. The kids headed to bed and the neighbors went home. Heath and I put on a movie but I kept falling asleep.

Sunday morning we all slept in. I was the first up just before 10. I got everyone else up and we had some really good breakfast sandwiches and fruit and stuff. Then we got dressed and headed to the city market.  DSCF3550


We drug the kids around the wagon and wondered around. We got coffee and some honey snack stick things but the place was fairly deserted and the prices were not that great. We ended up wondering down to the river for a look.

 DSCF3551 DSCF3552

And then wondered all around.


We found some mulberries to snack on and walked along a trail for a ways.



Then we turned around and headed back.


As soon as we got home Tony Felicia and his niece pulled in. We headed out back for a few minutes.

Then we changed into swimsuits and headed to the river to cool off.  DSCF3575

We swam and splashed and explored and found little critters and stopped for snacks and drinks and had a great afternoon.picture montage

 DSCF3581 DSCF3603 DSCF3582 DSCF3610 DSCF3632 DSCF3606 DSCF3591

We spent a lot of time working on a project  DSCF3625 DSCF3639

We built this little dam thing with a chute in the middle. Everyone helped move rocks into place were were excited to see our little pool side get deeper and deeper and the areas outside the rocks dry up.


Eventually we got pretty hungry and it got late so we headed home. I got dinner ready, the kids took baths and Heath ran for quick groceries. Then we got out the ribs.

And plates full of sides.

It was one of those dinners that starts out really quiet. We were all hungry and all the food was really good and we just dug in. We ate and ate. Then we started talking about how full we were. The rest of the night we did the normal books and pajamas and bed. Pumpkin escaped a few times and had to be moved to the tent.

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