Loves the Pool, Hates Learning to Swim

I made some rice bean veggie compilation thing for dinner. Heath made up some humus and I made little dipper stick things out of toasted tortillas with melted cheese inside we also had some strawberries and milk. It was a quick and tasty dinner. Once we were done Heath and Peanut went to get him a haircut. Pumpkin and I got some stuff ready for swim lessons then headed to the liquor store to reserve a keg for the engagement/goodbye party this weekend. I have not gotten into crazy mode getting ready for the party but slowly we have been getting things ready.

We all got home at about the same time and messed around a minute in the front yard then headed to lessons. All the lessons meet outside and it’s fun to watch all the kids eager to get to the pool. Peanut found his friends and waited with them. Heath Pumpkin and I were trying to wait for his lesson to start so we could get Pumpkin ready for hers but she knew the pool was so close and was trying to pull her clothes off so she could start swimming.


Once Peanut’s lesson started we headed in and found some chairs to get Pumpkin ready at. She gets kinda cold after swimming awhile and just wants to play during the lesson so we tried to keep her out of the pool and distracted until her lesson started. She put up a pretty good fight and was not interested in distractions.


Eventually her class started and it was my turn to be the Mommy in “Mommy and Me” class. It started out pretty good, she was the first one in the pool and laughed we we tried to play motorboat and dad didn’t remember how it went and had to fake it.  DSCF3648

She even tried to blow bubbles really well. I didn’t really see any bubbles but she stuck her face in the water like me and didn’t come up choking.


Then it was time for back float and laying on tummy and kicking legs. This did not go as well.


We could see Peanut’s class in the other end of the shallow pool and he was doing really well.


Pumpkin was excited to get out the cups and she let me dump a few on her head and was excited to get the chance to dump one on me.


Peanut’s class headed to the deep end for some real swimming.


We practiced jumping in some in the shallow pool and then moved to the big pool and jumped in.  DSCF3679



Then we rolled the kids back on their tummies and had them reach for balls in the water. We tried to get them to swim with their arms while reaching but it was mostly just reaching and then throwing the ball.

Then lessons ended and we played with Peanut some more.


We did the slide some and then headed home. We showered at the pool on our way out to speed things up. Once home Peanut got busy eating the rest of his dinner and Pumpkin had some ham and cheese then Heath put her to bed. Heath came out and started folding laundry and moments latter Pumpkin came out so she went to the tent. Peanut finished his dinner and ate the last rib leftover and then he got ready for bed. Heath folded more laundry and I got out my jumbled up notes on the Pig Roast.

I made a new list with all the things I need to get and get done and then put time tables by some things and left other to just get done whenever. So check on in a little bit and I should have my new list typed up ( edit: I just added it below) with what I still need to get and do. If you wanting to bring something and not sure the list may help or just ask me or just show up with whatever.


  • suggestions?
  • Bring a shovel if your going to be early and ready to dig?
  • Bring fancy beer, or soda, or scotch or whatever you want to drink unless it’s tea, lemon aid, water or cheep keg beer. I’ll have jugs/keg of these.
  • You may want a cooler for your drinks, I’m guessing the fridge will fill up.
  • I don’t know of a fair way to pull all this off so I’m going to have a tip jar and ask you to donate whatever money you feel is appropriate and/or bring food. We are going to need sides for all the meals and I think we are going to want snacks to keep us going until the pig is ready.
  • Fun things to do while waiting on pig or digesting pig. bonus if it is outside and keeps us cool (pool, slip and slide, etc)
  • Anything helpful. Right now I know I need to get or have someone bring burlap, clean t-shirts/sheets, newspaper, probably lots of ice, 20lbs potatoes, BBQ sauce, spices to rub the pig in, forks, lots of buns, onions, burgers, hot dogs, catsup, mustard, pickles, rice, hard boiled eggs, sausage patties, ground sausage, biscuits, spoons, green beans, chicken wire, regular eggs, baked beans, paper plates, pig rub, banana leaves or some vegetation to steam the pig in, regular salad, pasta salad, bean salad, cole slaw, cookies, other sides for burgers or pig, other snack foods, any desserts, lots of fruit
  • Invite more KK & Chiaki friends
  • Not required but it could avoid everyone showing up with buns if you tell me you are coming and if you are bringing something.

make a pig rub, wash berry, call KCPL, make air injection system, empty basement fridge, coolers ready, find giant cooler, clean basement bathroom, set up air mattress and futon, find tip jar, find stock tank or pool,…

make lots of tea (Stephen), mow and weed wack the yard, decide if it will rain and make a plan, buy all the stuff in bold above if not crossed off

Friday Afternoon:
get 5 gall of ice tea and water(Jon) and lemon-aid on ice, pick up keg and put under deck on ice, pick up pig(KK), set up lights on pit area and keg/drink area, table, cups paper towel by keg and drinks, move giant chunks of wood to burn area, set out shovels, dig if extra time

Friday Evening:
tap the keg, dig the hole, start fire, rub down pig, stuff pig with tasty things, wrap pig in stuff, make rice, grill burgers and dogs(Stephen), generate a massive amount of coals, burry pig and get it cooking. CELEBRATE!

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