Quick Post, More Swimming


Sorry but I need to rush todays post to prepare for a big presentation.

Dinner was pretty tasty, I grilled spicy brauts for Heath and I and chicken nuggets for Peanut and popcorn shrimp for Pumpkin. We also had green beans, baked potatoes more humus and strawberries.

It was a busy night and we had to get ready for swim lessons right after dinner.  DSCF3699


The kids both had pretty good days and especially did good jumping in.

The parents got a lesson in baby CPR stuff and there was a swim meet going on so we could not stay and play afterwords. Here are a few more pictures from the lessons.

 DSCF3708 DSCF3704 DSCF3705

After lessons we showered at the pool then headed home. Pumpkin and I got out and Heath and Peanut went shopping for pig roasts and fathers day. I got Pumpkin a snack and read to, in pajamas and in bed. While reading our last book we saw a teddy bear and talked a bit about teddy bears enjoying going night night. Then we picked one out off the shelf and Pumpkin helped me put the bear to bed in the tent and she was going to keep him company. I did see her sit up as I was closing the door but she did not cry or make any noise and it sounded like she went right to sleep.

I got random things done from my list of pig roast things and then headed to bed early. I found the ultimate pig roast video. Ours will not be this cool but if it goes okay I could see us doing this in 5 years.

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