Pumpkin is fighting a cold or something and needs to sleep in today so I’m going to post from home. Last night we took it easy and took care of some post party things like returning the keg and putting things away. We had baked potatoes for dinner covered in cheese, baked beans, cottage cheese and pulled pork.

I took a bunch more leftovers and made my BBQ shepherds pie out of them.

From the bottom up it was pulled pork, baked beans, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and then shredded cheese.

I froze this for dinner sometime in the future. Heath gave Pumpkin a bath.

Then put her to bed early. She was not feeling well and really crabby. She went to sleep right away. Heath worked on a project in the basement and I got on craigslist and tried to sell my boat and get rid of my hot water heater. Just after I got to bed Pumpkin woke up and was feeling worse. I vabor rubbed her chest and rocked her to sleep. She fussed a bit more when I laid her down but then got back to sleep.

This morning I discovered my old broken hot water heater was like a treasure chest to scrappers and I had a ton of e-mail. I drug it out to the driveway at about 5:45 and by 6 it was gone. The guys here at 6 said they had been driving around since 5 waiting for it. I got a bunch of rock and dirt moved around my pit and then worked on my laptop from home for a while giving Pumpkin some extra sleep.

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  1. Brian says:

    Interesting on the hot water heater.

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