Videos and Deck Night

I know it is a little tough to watch a 10 minute video but I was dealing with an hour of footage and I didn’t really want to lose any of the process. Digging is not very exciting so I set it to play at double speed. If I get a chance and requests I’ll put up more video besides the pig roast process stuff.

Last night Pumpkin and I came home from work/daycare and she said eat until I got her a snack. Then Ding came over and we hung out on the deck a while. Pumpkin was being a bit crabby and more snacks did not fix it. Ding headed out and I got some noodles, shrimp, and peas cooking for dinner. Then Stephen and Becky came by and we hung out on the deck a bit. Heath had been getting fit for a bridesmaid dress and she came home and joined us. Stephen and Becky loaded up all their leftover stuff from the weekend and headed home. Pumpkin ate some more then headed to bed. Heath got her read to and tucked in and I assembled our dinner. There was nothing from the pig in it and I was worried about us going into withdrawal so I cooked a little bacon and broke it up on top. We watched a little TV and ate dinner. Then Heath headed to the basement for craft project and I worked on random things around the house. The most exciting part was hauling my ridding lawnmower from the shed to the garage. It’s tire was in pretty rough shape so I drug it with the truck. Stephen came outside right as things were getting hairy and helped out. Then I helped him move a TV. I found the original Sears motor for my boat and decided to add it to the boat and try to sell it all. I hope to play with the mower a bit and then sell it too. Before I knew it, it was bedtime and I showered and went to bed.

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