Pumpkin Fun Night


I picked up Pumpkin and we headed home. On the way she was saying “eat” so I snagged some dehydrated blueberries from the center console and gave them to her. When we got home we headed for the highchair and I gave her some snacks. Heath got home at about the same time. We decided we wanted to spend some quality time with Pumpkin and make it a good night for her. Once Pumpkin was full we hopped in the van and headed to the park.

We decided on Leawood Park right by where swimming lessons had been.


There was about the right size of a crowd there. Pumpkin could make friends and follow other kids around or we could get off on our own to play. I’m pretty sure Pumpkin was saying slide and spent a lot of time early on trying them all out.  IMAG0483

Then she climbed on everything.

 IMAG0492  IMAG0487
 IMAG0496 IMAG0493



Then we headed home. I got dinner started and Heath and Pumpkin walked down to our neighbors house to return a few things from the BBQ.


When they got back I stuck dinner in the oven and we played with toys.  We built a cabin

and rode horses and read books

Then the toaster dinged and it was time to eat. Pumpkin had peas and black beans and tortillas and yogurt. Heath and I had a nice big pile of nachos.

2 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of beans, 2 layers of everything and lots of pulled pork and salsa. While eating dinner we started the first episode of the The Wire.

We got about 1/2 way before both Pumpkin and us were done eating and it was Pumpkin’s bedtime. I gave her a quick bath in the regular tub and she had a good time but was excited to read books so once she was clean we put on pajamas and turned down the lights. We read about a baby monkey and looked at the pages of Goldilocks and the 3 bears but in this version we looked for things Pumpkin knew how to say and there was a dada bear a mama bear and an Pumpkin bear and we were really concerned about the broken chair. Once Pumpkin was in bed we decided to watch the rest of our show. Then we decided to watch the 2nd episode, then we decided to watch the 3rd episode. It’s not that we are totally crazy about the show and could not stop watching but I think Heath and I were feeling tired and a night in front of the TV seemed good. The show is getting interesting though and I’m sure we will get hooked. So TV till bed with a little cereal/ice cream break intermission.

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