Father/Daughter Team

It was not a great idea but after I picked up Pumpkin from school (daycare) we decided to head to home depot to get wood for the kitchen remod. (Pumpkin is good at saying school now) I needed to get out with 9 sheets of 4×8 chipboard/plywood, 1 gallon of glue and 1 box of screws, ohh and Pumpkin. I put some snacks in my pockets and decided to grab the glue and screws first and carry Pumpkin. Then I got to the wood. I found a cart I could stack the wood in vertical in the middle and then my plan was to have Pumpkin stand on the side of the cart and hold on. It was a little trouble getting the wood loaded without loosing Pumpkin or knocking her over with the wood. Eventually I got it all loaded and tried to add Pumpkin to the cart. Unfortunately she was terrified of the cart even when I said “weeee” as I pushed it along. Pumpkin wanted to be carried but I could not steer, push and carry.  Luckily we were close to the checkout and the store was not busy so I just pushed over to it and Pumpkin followed me.

We tried the same technique in the parking lot getting to the car and it worked for a little while but she wanted to wonder around and not stay with me. Of course all the people that saw us suggest I let her ride on the cart. Once we got close to the car I held her hand and ended up lifting her off the ground and letting her hang till we got there and I could strap her in.

Once home she ate and I packed some stuff and cooked some stuff. For some reason I filled the pool with water thinking she would swim but there was no time for that. We headed to Alli’s house to give her dad some water jugs and a grill then to Aldi for weekend supplies. (Pumpkin was okay at saying Alli’s house) Once home it was almost bedtime. Pumpkin ate some more, took a quick sink bath then we headed to her room to pack an overnight bag for the weekend, put on pajamas and read books.

Pumpkin was wound up and not tired but was pretty quiet when I laid her down. I got busy packing for the lake this weekend.

Heath had been at my mom’s house preparing for my sisters shower and came home and we ate a rice cooker meal. I had tossed rice, chicken, veggies and sauce in the rice cooker early on and then we just stirred it up and ate it. After dinner she headed to dance class and I worked on packing more stuff. Then I headed to bed.

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