The Girls Are Gone

I have no new pictures for today but lots of news.

Unfortunately some of it is bad. Heath’s Grandma passed away Sunday. We had last seen her on our trip to Florida last October.


So this morning we got up at 4am packed some stuff and I took Pumpkin and Heath to the airport. They are going to go spend some time with some family and attend the funeral. They also hope to spend some time with Heath’s other Grandma and go to the beach. They will be back on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th I’m heading to Lawrence to pick up KK and Chiaki. We will head back to our house for their last night in town. We are planning to head to Chelly’s for some Mexican food and drinks and would like to invite anyone interested to come. Early Thursday morning we will be heading back to the airport again.


I’m working on a pretty substantial todo list for my activities while the girls are gone. The major project is the kitchen remod. Jon is scheduled to help out some over the weekend and we hope to get both beams in and the last of the walls down. I’ll be doing some reorganizing and moving stuff around and making some big changes.

Today is my real birthday and last night my mom took us out to Waldo pizza. We had a combo pizza a pepperoni pizza, an apple pie and a banana cream pie. It was all really good and I am still full.

Last night we also worked in the garden some and planned for Heath’s trip.

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  1. DB says:

    Happy Real Birthday!

    You were pretty much begging for that in the post. Geez…Shameless!

    Sorry to hear about the loss. Have a safe trip.

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