Selling Grandma Natty


I’ve got 2 posts on Craigslist for her one under boats and one under barter. Last night I got several calls from the barter ad. So far I have been offered $150 cash, a black powder riffle, an old 20 gauge shotgun, a 30 gallon aquarium, a generator, and a Toyota truck bed trailer. I’m leaning towards the trailer as it would double my wood hauling abilities in a few years when my wood supply runs low.

What do you think I should get for it?

When I was not telling people about my boat last night I was working on the mower and the house. I spent a few minutes trying to get this mower running

so I could make some more money on it but I think one of the safety features is keeping the engine from starting and I could not get it to spark.

Then I started getting the house ready for the weekends wall removal project. IMAG0510

I took a few things up into the attic and it was hot so I left a thermometer up there for a while and it maxed out at 120F. I’m not sure if that happens to be how hot it is or the thermometer does not go higher.


I also took down most of the trim that was on walls that will come down and I moved things away from those walls so they will be easy to get to.   IMAG0509

I moved a little bit of furniture but will wait for the weekend for the rest. This kitchen wall is the most exciting wall left to come down and it will open things up more but we will loose some cabinet space. So I went through these and other cabinets and moved some stuff around. The kids lost their art drawers but we have plans for where they will go eventually.I got all the cabinets in question ready for removal.


It was hard not to keep working on the kitchen but I knew I was really behind on sleep after my 4am wake up and needed to rest. So quite early I called off productivity for the night and cooked up some dinner leftovers. I ate and watched some tv then headed to bed just after 8pm. I slept hard till 6am this morning and feel a lot better.

Tonight I plan to head strait from work to Lawrence and help load up the last of KK and Chiaki’s stuff and help them say goodbye to Lawrence. Then we will head to our neighborhood and get some dinner at Chelly’s. I’m guessing it will be on the later side of dinner by the time we make it. 6:30-7ish but just ask and I’ll let you know how close we are.

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