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After work I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and headed to Lawrence. I think I got ahead of the rush hour traffic and made good time to KK and Chiaki’s nearly empty apartment. KK and I loaded up the van with their luggage and the last of their things while Chiaki mailed a box of their stuff to Japan. Then they threw away some trash, turned in the apartment keys and we headed to KC.

We went strait to Chelly’s Mexican Cafe and joined in with a little crowd of ~10 friends. Any beer bottle was $2 so we got some good stuff and talked about their trip to Colorado and their future in Japan and all sorts of other things. We all got lots of good food and chowed down and then hung out some more. We were there for about 2 hours. KK took a bunch of pictures all night so I didn’t really think about taking any myself and didn’t think about getting copies of his until it was too late. After dinner we came home and unpacked a few of their things from the van to make it easy to unload their luggage in the morning. We had a homebrew beer and looked at a bunch of pictures from their Colorado trip. Matt and Amanda came by and we talked a bit and watched some tv then everyone said goodbyes and we headed to bed.

I got up at 4:48 this morning, got dressed, made coffee and sausage, egg, and cheese burritos and then we headed to the airport. They were leaving from different terminals so we dropped off Chiaki and then KK. Then I headed home, got ready for work and here I am.

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