Helping Out


Before we get started I assume you guys are probably getting pretty deficient on your cute Pumpkin picture needs so luckily I got some from Heath and Pumpkin’s trip. I don’t really know any background but I’m pretty sure Heath and Pumpkin got up after a good night of sleep and put on their dresses.

then Pumpkin got really hungry and it was not as crazy hot/humid as it is here so they decided to walk to get breakfast. After a few dozen miles Pumpkin’s feet were worn out.


But after a while they ended up in Tennessee and she changed clothes and rocked her tired legs a while.


Then she remembered she was starving so took off her clothes and got busy eating.


After work I drove the van home and changed and picked up the truck and some supplies. I ate some snacks and drove to Gardner. Luckily I got ahead of most of the traffic. My sister got to her house just before I did and we jumped right in and got busy. Her nursery is almost ready but they needed some help putting up the chair rail before they could put the rest of the room together. The chair rail was painted and cut and all ready to go. We filled the compressor and connected the nail gun and started shooting nails.

The room is black below the rail and white above it and the rail is a bright goldfish yellow. There are 3 custom penguins dancing and stuff on 1 wall.  It really looks sharp.


The rail went really fast. Afterwords we packed the tools back in the truck and got the tiller from her shed. I topped off my giant ice tea and headed north east. The last storm had broken a large branch at Ding’s house.


It’s tough to see but it’s right in the middle going the wrong direction. It was nearly as big around as a basketball and pretty long. Ohh and really high. At the bottom of that picture you can see the bottom of a 6ft fence. Ding’s 20ft latter did not reach it. So our first job was to get it down without smashing the fence or us. We tied a rock to a rope and tossed it over. the broken end looked still attached to the branch and the leafy end was wedged into the crook of another tree. We pulled and pulled and more of the leafy end worked it’s way through the crook. Eventually we could not pull anymore through. We got the truck backed up and pulled it most of the rest of the way. Now all the branches were on the ground and the broken end was way up in the tree still holding on. We tried to toss a rope and pull some more but it did not come. We decided to away some of the branches to lighten it and make it easier to pull away from the fence. So we put a latter up on the tree by the branches and got out the saw. I cut the first branch and we quickly discovered it was load bearing and the extra weight broke the broken end off and sent it crashing down. It did ding the fence a bit but will just need a new nail or screw or two.

We cleaned up the wood and branches and loaded some good locust into my truck plus put all the tools back. Then I headed home. Rush hour was over so it was an easy drive back and I decided to overshoot my house and head to Home Depot for some supplies. I had some trouble finding what I needed and my quick stop took longer then I hoped but eventually I got home to unload.


I got all the truck unloaded, the van of KK and Chiaki’s leftovers unloaded and the tools and put away and me cleaned up and a big hearty salad in my belly and the laundry all done and then got to bed pretty darn early.

I’ve still got the whole weekend family free and hope to get a lot accomplished before they get home Monday night.

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