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Stories from last night are probably not as exciting as the fire Pumpkin and I saw on the way to daycare this morning. All morning our power was going off for a sec then back on for a few minutes then off again. We left the neighborhood and ran into more traffic then normal and after a bit saw a firetruck. The firemen were all standing around and then we looked up.

We had pretty good timing as the little fire on the pole started to grow as we made our way through the line of cars and then “pop”! There was a loud noise and the firefighters all quickly moved away and the fire started burning at the bottom of the pole as well.

Traffic kept moving and I didn’t get to watch anymore but Pumpkin was facing backwards and kept saying “Uh ohh” so I guess it was not good.

Back to yesterday

After Pumpkin and I got home she sat at her table and ate some yogurt. I got some water boiling for spaghetti noodles and set some meatballs in a pan. After Heath got home we turned off the stove and went to Aldi. We loaded up on mostly fresh veggies and fruits and other things we needed. Pumpkin broke into a bag of cheddar rice crackers from the beginning and munched on them the whole trip. Peanut comes home tomorrow and his birthday is coming up so we kept a special eye out for things to toss in the deep fryer as that is what he wanted to do for his birthday.

We escaped Aldi with our monster cart and headed home.Pumpkin was sleepy or in a rice cake induced coma and had no problem relaxing in her chair while we unloaded the car and packed the stuff in the kitchen. I turned the stove back on and started adding stuff to the meatballs.

Once I had added everything I needed (including sauce) and it had cooked some we joined Pumpkin at the kids table and ate dinner.

Pumpkin was pretty full but ate some more then got crabby and ornery. So she got on pajamas and a story and went to bed. Heath and I watched some netflix and Felicia came home and hung out a bit. Then we worked on organizing some more in the kitchen and Heath had to run to the store and I got trash and stuff out and some junk down to the basement then we tried to go to bed early but ended up watching tv.

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