Stooks Deck Bar

While cleaning out the kitchen we found an old camera my sister Kelly gave Peanut to use a long time ago. At the time we could not get it working for some reason but before throwing it out we tested it again and it works fine. I gave it a test run last night and think it did a much better job then our waterproof Fuji and Peanut will love it on our Road Trip.

So I picked up Pumpkin and got her a snack and drink. We pulled up at the house and I ran in and grabbed burgers, buns, cheese, tomato, spinach, and cantaloupe. Then Pumpkin and I headed to Stook’s house to see his new deck. Heath was already there chilling on the deck with Matt so Pumpkin and I joined in.

It was pretty hot and humid but there were several spots to find some shade. Pumpkin’s hair was really curling up though.

Stooks had some charcoal going in the grill and he spread them out

then I tossed on a pile of burgers.

Pumpkin started snacking while waiting for the burgers.

the rest of us grabbed some beers and admired the deck.

After a bit Matt flipped the burgers and tossed on jalapenos on a few and I added cheese to everything and we let that cook in.

Pumpkin was pretty excited when the cheese made an appearance.

Then it was time to unload the grill and load up the buns. Matt had the prettiest burger.

Pumpkin pretty much ignored her burger strips even after we showed her there was cheese on them. We ate a nice dinner then screwed around a while and found some mulberry trees and found ourselves some dessert.

We hung out on the deck and digested a bit then headed in for a mini piano concert. Pumpkin was excited to check out all Matt’s toys.

But was really interested when he started playing the piano and singing. He played and sang some Bob Dylan “The times they are a Changing” and then some MGMT “Time to Pretend”.

Pumpkin clapped her hands and tried to watch and imitate Matt on his little piano.

After the concert we packed up our stuff and rushed Pumpkin home to bed. On the way I noticed Heath had a tail light out so she got Pumpkin bathed and in pajamas and I swapped out the light bulb. Then I read to Pumpkin and Heath got cleaned up for dance class. Then Heath left and I cracked a beer and got busy in the kitchen.

We were not really enjoying having the cabinets above the stove and I got busy trying to figure out how to get rid of them but keep the vent stuff and electrical stuff that ran through them.


It turned out to be pretty simple, I cut the power to that breaker and unwired the vent and light and puled the wire out. Then I took the hood down and pulled the duct work that was inside out.   IMAG0508


Then I just had to remove a couple screws and the cabinets were out of the way. I put the electrical stuff back together and Stephen came by. I traded him a home brew for the use of his muscles and he held the hood in place and I screwed it in. I turned back on the power and everything worked.  100_1122

The controls are pretty high for Heath but the view through is worth it.  100_1123

Stephen and I hung out for a bit then I headed to bed. I ended up working from the laptop for a while and Heath got home shortly after I had called it a night and joined me.


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