Happy 7th Birthday Peanut

So I had a crazy day at work after nearly 100 fiber lines were cut by construction crews yesterday morning. They are all replaced now though. Luckily we had an awesome dinner last night that took very little effort to get ready. The morning before work I had stuffed a bunch of turkey Italian sausage and a slab of baby back ribs in the crock pot and they were ready to eat.

I got some baked beans cooking and tossed together a nice salad.

Once we had all the kids, the parents and Felicia assembled we ate.

Pumpkin ate a ton but would not stay in her seat very well and tried to wonder around and stop by the table to eat. We broke out some ice cream bars for dessert.

After dinner we washed Pumpkin and got her in bed and then played a bunch of Wii and headed to bed ourselves.

This weekend we did lots of fun stuff for Peanut’s birthday. Friday Peanut’s choice was to eat lunch at Smokestack.

Then for dinner all he wanted was Sushi Train.

We got there right before the train started to make sure we got a good spot at the bar and hoped to get Pumpkin out of there before she tossed a shrimp at anyone. Both the kids loved the train and ate a bunch.

Peanut was crazy about the raw tuna steak and went through several plates of it.

Saturday afternoon we went to the shallow pool to play a bunch and cool off. We started off on the playground and in the sandbox.


But it was too hot to play that close to a pool and not be wet so shortly later we were swimming.


We played at the pool a long time. It was really nice and Peanut was wearing goggles and searching for treasures as Heath and I distributed them in the pool for him.


Pumpkin was tasting all the toys and figuring out how good they were at pouring water out of the pool.  DSCF4293

Eventually we headed home for naps and lunch. Late that afternoon Jon and I headed to the little blue river with some livers, hooks, line and a canoe. We set about 15 or so limb lines. Then we came home and ate some dinner. On the way back to the river we picked up some beer and McDoubles. We had 1 fish but he got off as we brought him into the boat. The rest of our lines had been picked clean. It was right at dusk and the fish were killing our lines and stealing the bait faster then we could get them reloaded. We kept hooks baited untill we ran out of livers and ended up with 3 real niceĀ  catfish on that did not get away.


We hung out in the water and in the canoe and drank the beers and ate the burgers. Then we got the canoe out and cleaned the fish.


We headed home and went to bed. In the morning we got ready for a little party for Peanut. We hung balloons and a sign and cleaned up the house. I got out the turkey fryer and we prepared a bunch of stuff to fry.

I started out frying a bunch of sweet potato fries then tossed in all these biscuits turned into mini donuts.

Once they were cooked Heath coated them in sugar or icing and made them into the “birthday cake”.

Then I fried up some Honey BBQ chicken wings and got out the pancake batter. My mom and I dipped then fried zucchini, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, Twinkies, swiss cakes, and all sorts of candy bars. It was really hot and humid out side and standing next to the fryer was even hotter so we really rushed.

Most things turned out really good and got eaten up quick.

Once all the terribly fattening food was gone we lit up the cake and sang to Peanut and I played with the zoom on the camera a bunch.

We crammed some donuts and ice cream in then Peanut opened presents.

Then most folks left and a few of us headed to the spray park to play for a while.  DSCF4333  DSCF4332

We all cooled off and the kids ran around and got exhausted.

 DSCF4347 DSCF4346 DSCF4345

Actually we all got pretty exhausted and lazied our way around the house the rest of the day. Pumpkin was too tired to take a nap and just went to bed early. Somehow we were not sick of frying things and battered up the catfish and made sandwiches for dinner.

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