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The Canon Camera Story: As you probably know we are really tough on cameras but we use them a lot and I nearly always have one on me. Last summer before our road trip we bought this guy.

It was a little bigger then our normal purchase but we wanted the 10x zoom built in. We bought the extended warranty from Walmart giving us 2 years. A while back it started making a grinding noise when the lens moved and there were some other issues. So in hopes of getting it fixed before this years road trip we sent it Canon for repairs. Canon wrote us back after looking at it and said their warranty did not cover our problems as they feel it was abused (dropped) and it probably was. So we contacted Walmart and they acted like they would cover it but their warranty does not start until Canon’s is up at the first year. This was okay but we were disappointed we would not have a good camera for our road trip and would need to rely on the waterproof camera and cell phones. So we asked canon to send our camera back so we could take it to Walmart after our trip. Then Canon sends us this.


So basically Canon sent a new or nearly new camera to us and we are back in business and loving Canon. It’s getting hard to remember how many times they have repaired or replaced equipment for us.

After work we rushed Pumpkin to a Doc Apt.

It was really slow and she was hungry and ready to get out of the room or tear something apart.

Eventually we did see the doc and found Pumpkin to be in tip top shape and moved from the 15% weight category to the 25% category. I don’t think this really matters but it is more “normal”.

So we headed home and Heath headed out for wedding dress trying on for a wedding this weekend. I got Pumpkin some food and I got busy making bread, doing work stuff, and making a lasagna. 

I was a little overwhelmed for a bit but Pumpkin did a good job eating and eventually I got everything done. Pumpkin was ready to play though.

So we went outside to give the plants some water, play and test out the new camera. Besides the tiger lillys

We checked on the sun flowers


peppers and onions


and broccoli

Yeah the brockoli was scary so we stayed far away and tested the zoom. I took a picture of these but don’t know what they are.

We went back in and took a shot to compare with the room shots from the waterproof camera.



I did some more work for a while then Pumpkin was sleepy so we got her cleaned up, in pajamas and then read a couple books. She grabbed her little monkey and climbed in the tent and I tucked her in.

She looked tired and well behaved but I knew better so I zipped her up and she went to bed.

I got back to work on the lasagna and work stuff and then Heath came home. We watched some TV with our laptops on our laps and once the toaster oven dinged we ate the lasagna.

It was a weird one with lots of beans and veggies and leftovers in it but it turned out great. We pretty much ate and watched tv, and the thunderstorm, and talked to Felicia when she came home until bedtime. The bread I made was not good. This  morning we ran a bit with Berry and I got a pic of the lillys with water from the storm on them.

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