Banana Cream Pie

We really need to start getting ready for our trip to Nebraska and our trip along the east coast and had hoped to get a lot accomplished last night. First though we did some work on our remodel design. Right from work Heath and I met with our new designer at Home Depot. Our old designer went to part time or quit or something and this new guy got our file. We both decided we like him better then the first guy but he is a big talker. The meeting lasted over twice as long as we had imagined and an hour after he was supposed to get off for the day. At first we tried to take it from where we left off with the first guy but this seemed to be really confusing for all of us. Then we started over and talked about what we wanted and needed and hated. We ended up breaking out the floorplans that Heath and I had drawn and he also liked them more then what the previous guy had come up with. Eventually we came up with some vague but exciting ideas and decided we would get a pro measurement done (hopefully before our trip) and then he would work on some floorplans from the measurements while we were gone.

We got out of Home Depot and rushed to Pumpkin’s Daycare. Luckily they are open late but we missed Pumpkin and she missed us and was getting hungry. We rushed home and put her in front of some food. While she stuffed her face we made salad and nachos. Felicia came home and joined us for dinner. Heath put Pumpkin to bed as I finished up the nachos and then we ate and started watching tv on hulu. We started with an early episode of Love Bites. I would really recommend this unusual show. Our whole evening was running behind already and a good show just really put an end to productivity for the night. Stuffing a bunch of banana cream pie in my face did not help either. My coworkers are super nice and bought me this fancy pie for helping out when our phones and internet were down.I got to bed pretty much on time.

Heath and I got up early and took a break from running to get some stuff done. I headed out back and cleaned the dog hair and cottonwood seeds out of the ac unit, weeded the asparagus plants and picked up all the split wood stacks that had been knocked down by storms and got the lawn ready to be mowed.  Heath got the van out and started cleaning it up for our trips. Then we got us and Pumpkin ready for work/school and off we went.


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