Lick those fingers clean

I picked up Pumpkin and she was pretty good but then we got home and she became a crabby little monster. She would not walk into the house with me but just picked up and tossed her water cup on the ground over and over until I carried her in. I got her a hot dog snack but she wanted captain crunch and just yelled and pointed. I made some pizza dough and got it cooking and started prepping toppings and she calmed down some and Heath and Felicia came home and played with her some but she was not real happy about anything.

I got my pizza crust made then put down a layer of cream cheese, tomatoe sauce, ground turkey, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushroom cilantro and a few jalapenos.

Then I tossed it in the oven and boosted a salad with extra stuff.

While it was cooking Heath opened a package from Pops for Peanut’s birthday to take Pumpkin’s stuff out of it. Heath was excited about all the stuff in it and Pumpkin stopped being a grouch for a little bit and needed to put on her new shoes immediately.

Then we all sat down and ate dinner. Pumpkin did not want to sit down and yelled at us while we ate. We tried a bunch to get her to eat with us and it was not working. Once I was about done I sat at the little table and fed her and she ate a bunch.

After dinner we went strait into the ice cream because everyone was ready for dessert.

Pumpkin was not grouchy at all about ice cream but made a mess.

Heath gave her a bath and got her ready for bed and Felicia and I cleaned up the kitchen and dishes. Once Pumpkin was in bed I started packing for the weekend and folding laundry. Heath came in and got packed also. Felicia went to the gym. Then Heath went to dance class. I got the rest of the weekend stuff packed and then started packing for our big trip. I went though the camping gear and piled up everything I could think of. Then went through swimming stuff and toys and bbqing stuff and got 2 pretty good piles started.

Fairly early I started to relax and watch tv for a bit then got to bed early and slept in this morning to get ahead of sleep for the weekend.


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