You Scream

Were mostly taking it easy and getting ready for our trip these days. I stopped by Aldi on my way home and got a few things then picked up the kids from daycare.


Peanut helped me carry in the groceries then he got a movie about the ocean going and watched that while Pumpkin snacked and played and I started cooking dinner and cutting up fresh fruit for the dehydrator.

I got most of dinner ready pretty quick then mixed it all together covered it in cheese and stuck it in the toaster oven.

Heath and Felicia came home and Peanut opened a few birthday presents.

Then we ate dinner. It was speghetti turned into a pasta bake.

We also had green beans and garlic bread. It was pretty good and the kids ate well. Pumpkin would not sit in her seat so stood in her chair and scarfed down her dinner.

Then we ate ice cream and the kids got messy and took baths. Once they were done splashing and were pretty clean we got them out and got on pajamas.

Heath and Felicia headed to Walmart for trip supplies and I got Pumpkin in bed. My mom came by and dropped off some stuff for us to take my sister on our trip and we talked a while. Then I helped Peanut clean his room for a while. Then I folded laundry and he finished up in his room. Then he watched some swamp people with me while I folded laundry. Then Peanut headed to bed and I worked on packing.

 IMG_0207 IMG_0205

We have some pretty big lists of things to get and pack and have not even started on clothes but I think we are on schedule.

Heath and Felicia came home and showed off what they got then we watched a bit of Swamp People and headed to bed.

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