Pumpkin’s Meal

I picked up the kids from daycare and headed home. They played and watched Looney Tunes

while I got dinner cooking. I got some chicken thawing then cut up a chunk of butternut squash. I cut it into 1/4″ thin half circles and stuck it in a bag with some spices and olive oil and shook it all up good. I pealed a couple sweet potatoes and cut them into chunks and tossed them in a pan with oil and spices. I added some peas in another pan.

My chicken was thaw so I cut it into skinny strips and then put it in a bag with some salad dressing and spices. While things were marinading and cooking I unloaded the dehydrator of all our tasty skinny fruit.

Then I fired up the grill and tossed on all the squash.

I cooked it pretty hot and the middle ones cooked quick giving me room for chicken strips.

It was hot out and standing by the smoky grill was not a great time so I cooked everything as quick as I could then moved it into the house and loaded up the plates on the table.

Pumpkin was kind of being fussy about sitting in her chair but once she found the sweet potatoes she quieted down and started eating. Peanut liked the chicken and apples but was not crazy about the rest. So we let him dip things in sauce if he wanted.

Pumpkin cleaned her plate and then started getting seconds and stealing sweet potatoes and squash from my and Heath’s plates. Peanut was extra slow and talking a lot but the rest of us ate everything on our plates and in the pans then cleaned up and got dishes and stuff done. We worked on random things while waiting for Peanut to finish. Once he was done we rushed to the library to load up on stuff for our trip.

We got a handful of easy to read books like Barenstein Bears for Peanut to read on the trip to Pumpkin and a few with fun pictures for the kids to look at and I got one about crazy but true weather stories. We got a ton of cds a few were short stories and one was a Shrek story and one was about a mouse.

We also got some kids music lullaby stuff and some bopz.

We checked out our stack and then rushed out of there because Pumpkin was making space in her tummy and Heath had a PTA meeting to get to. Heath dropped the kids and I off and Peanut hopped in the shower and I got Pumpkin cleaned up, in pajamas, read to and in bed. Then Peanut and I watched Swamp People in the bedroom while I packed my clothes bag for the trip. Then he hopped in bed and read for a while as I did a bit more packing.

Then I tucked Peanut in and got all the food for the trip together. I packed a tub of food for meals and a backpack of snack food together. Then I got ready for bed. Heath came home and joined me a bit later.


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