Peanut’s Meal

Once home I got busy cooking dinner. Whoops I mean brinner. I cut up the last sweet potato and some of the last squash and zucchini. I made some pancakes and eggs also.

Dinner was ready pretty quick and we sat down to eat. Peanut got after the pancakes and eggs and Pumpkin got after the sweet potatoes and squash.

We ate everything and then the kids had some pudding. After dinner Heath and Peanut got busy packing Peanut and I got busy packing the van. The first part was to get everything out of it then vaccume it out good and start reloading it. I went back and forth from the pile in the familly room to the van a bunch cheking on Pumpkin playing.

We got Pumpkin changed and in bed at 7 and then packed some more.


Then Peanut went to bed and Heath worked on a sewing project in the basement for our trip. I’ll show you her results later.

That’s pretty much it for the night, packing and then bed early. I’m off work today and already got the lawn mowed and made Cinnamon rolls and sausage for the kids. I need to get the rest all packed up and ready to leave around 6 tonight. I hope to post more soon but you never know on these kind of trips.


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