2011 Road Trip Day 6 Washington DC.

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Heath and I both woke up about 8:30 or so we relaxed and talked a bit and planned the morning then decided to relax and have a cup of coffee. Before we even got to drink the coffee we noticed some movement by the kids tent and then saw Pumpkin peeking out the window at us. She was not wanting to get out but wanted to watch us.  Shortly later the sun rose above the trees and it got hot and bright. This got Peanut up and got us moving. We all ate breakfast and helped break down camp.


We also took about everything out of the van and then repacked it moving camping related things to the hard to get spots and prepared ourselves for city mode. I made one last trip to the bathroom and rinsed the last of our dishes and on the way back about ran into the mama deer w/ her baby.


Eventually we got out of the campsite IMG_0577

and headed over to the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center.
Peanut did the last few things for his badge and was sworn in.

On the way out of the park we stopped by 2 more overlooks and checked out the view.

 IMG_0592Once out of the park we felt starving and decided we wanted to stop for lunch and we wanted something not available in KC. We ended up at a burger/shake place called Spelunker’s. It was a lot like Culver’s and the burgers, fries and shakes blew our minds after so many bean and rice meals.


Then we had a couple hour drive before pulling into our hotel in Washington DC. We were kind of surprised how big it was.

After the hot morning packing we were ready to shower and relax a bit. Once we were all clean and feeling good we decided to check out the city. It was an hour metro ride down to all the main stuff and we were a little intimidated so we drove about 5 minutes from the hotel to the NASA Flight Center.


I felt like I was the only one motivated to see the flight center but once we were in the door everyone loved it.



We checked out the exibits as best we could with a crazy girl.

 IMG_0610 IMG_0608There was some really fun/interesting science exhibits.



And some old space stuff.


After NASA we looked for a place to eat dinner. We were hoping for a repeat of our not available in KC plan. We asked a few people at NASA but they only recommended chains we had already had. So we went out on our own and ended up at a pretty random Mexican place. We were the only ones in the place and no one spoke English. We were given menus and then nothing for a while. There was no kids menu and Pumpkin was grumpy so we snuck out before they came back. Then we tried a Chinese buffet. We found a friendly place and Pumpkin was happy and there was a lot of good looking food. We dug in. It was an early dinner and we were not that hungry going in but ended up eating a bunch. Pumpkin was particularly impressive as we watched her eat and eat and eat.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a swim.


The kids jumped in and had a good time.

 IMG_0635 IMG_0642Then we went back to the room and got ready for bed. We put up Pumpkin’s tent in the corner and laid her down.


(that’s her tent under the blue towel)
Then Heath and Peanut watched TV and I worked on my posts until bedtime.

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