2011 Road Trip Day 8 Dominican Nun Factory, Summit, NJ

Heath and I both woke up around 8:30. I started getting caught up on blog stuff on the laptop and she started reading posts from my phone while the kids continued to snooze. Eventually she got up Peanut and they headed down to get some breakfast before it closed. I finished up and then showered and was getting dressed when they got back and Pumpkin was just waking up. Pumpkin and I ate breakfast they brought up and we all started packing and getting cleaned up. Eventually we got all our stuff packed up and checked out. We had planned to swim a bit but the pool did not open until the afternoon.

So we hit the road for our 4 hour journey to Summit, NJ. We had planned to eat pizza leftovers on the way but realized we left our leftovers in the restaurant. So we decided to stop for lunch on the way. This did not go as well as planned either. We were on the Delaware Turnpike for a while and then on the New Jersey Turnpike and they didn’t really have exits with restaurants and stuff. There were some rest stop things but they were crazy crowded and a huge pain so we just snacked in the car as we got closer and closer to New York.


We made it to Summit and found the convent but Pumpkin was sleeping and my sister was busy until 4 so we checked out the town a bit. Then we headed in and were taken to a waiting room with some chairs and little doors between the nun side and the regular people side.


Carri was busy working on some project and no one could find her for a while. Eventually she joined us and we got to talk to her through a door for a while. Then she gave us keys to our room and directions for getting there. She met us near our room though another 1/2 door in the basement. She took some laundry for us and we got settled in.

The kids room


The parents side and our kitchen area.



Once we got settled another sister brought down a food cart full of our dinner. We had grilled cheese, watermelon, cherries, and a zucchini cheese thing that was really good. We also had cookies and Popsicle for dessert.  IMG_0721

The sisters eat their main meal dinner at noon and have a smaller supper. We were hungry after skipping lunch and pretty much cleared out every last crumb. After dinner we met up with Carri in the main area again. Heath and I asked questions and told her about our vacation and the kids ran up and down the hall showing off for her. As it got late we put them to bed and started yawing ourselves.


Carri has a pretty set scheduled and some bells rang and she had to take off. Heath and I worked on our plan for the morning with the laptop some then Carri came back for a few minutes and dropped off our laundry. I took a shower and we headed to bed for the night.

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