2011 Road Trip Day 12 Acadia to Abbington.


I think I woke up to the kids goofing off and playing in the tent. It was either still raining or raindrops were falling from the trees. I think actually all day long we were inside a cloud and everything was getting wet and dripping. Both the insides of the tents were dry but the outsides and ground were soaking. We decided to pack up and keep everything as dry as we could and get out of camp. We did a good job and got out with only wet tents. We headed to a little town on the island and it rained off and on.


We didn’t find any breakfast places that looked good in the little town so headed to a slightly larger town. We found a good looking place and headed in. Peanut got pancakes, I got an omelet and Heath got a sandwich.

Camera 360

Pumpkin snacked off everyone’s plates. It was a really good filling breakfast. I had an iced tea with my breakfast and the glass was from a brewery. We asked our waitress and discovered the brewery was on the island. Since it was raining and really foggy we decided to hit up the brewery for a tasting. We headed to another small but slightly larger city and had a rough time parking and getting it through the crowd. Heath and I tasted 4 beers and bought 1 and a root beer and blueberry soda for Peanut.


We wondered around the city a bit then went back into the national park and stopped at a visitor center to get Peanut’s ranger badge.


Then we hit up Sandy Beach. It was like 65F outside and the ocean was 57F out plus it was raining but Peanut and I thought it would fun to swim.


We put on our suits grabbed the beach bag and hit the beach. I was a little surprised to see there were a lot of people on the beach. I was not surprised to see all of them were bundled up warm and hiking.


Peanut and I ran in a little bit and screamed some and jumped around and headed out. It was cold but not terrible.


We started playing in the sand and took little breaks in the water. Pumpkin could not resist and stripped down to a onsie and joined us.  IMG_0896


We played in the sand barely dressed for a long time before we decided to head into the ocean one last time and rinse the sand off then dry off.


We headed back to the car and changed into clothes again. We checked on thuder hole again.

 IMG_0911 IMG_0917

We hit it at the wrong time again. Then we worked our way north along the island IMG_0920

and stopped by another brewery but it was part of the same company so Peanut and I used the bathroom and looked around a bit while Heath guarded a napping Pumpkin. Then we left and drove about an hour and a half to our home for the next few days.


It was a pretty drive on the way and we saw lots of tasty looking lobster restaurants. We got to Abbington’s and saw our cottage #8 was the farthest from the office and most off on its own.



We were not on the ocean but could see it through the trees pretty good.


We hauled all our stuff down to the cottage and hung our wet tents off our deck.


We set up the little room for the 4 of us and messed around a bit. We planned out dinner some and then headed out to explore the area. We found a state park with hikes and a public beach on a lake that looked fun.


Then we went to a nearby tourist town and looked for a seafood market. We found a regular grocer but I was not excited about their food. We headed back to the cottage but it was getting late and looked like it was going to rain any minute. I started to get ready to cook dinner but everyone was playing in bed and not motivated so we decided to head the other way and hit up a restaurant for dinner. It was a 5-10 min drive to a spot with 5 restaurants. We went up to the biggest one first and read the menu. There was a big line and the menu was unimpressive so we went on. The second one was closed on Tuesdays so we crossed the street to the next one. This one sounded good but we noticed a really good happy hour special and decided to come back to it during happy hour some time. The 4th one was just pizza by the slice and we wanted something better so we walked to the farthest one back the other direction. We knew it was perfect when we walked in. They had good local beer, cheesy lobster fishing gear on the walls, no line and we ordered from a counter and used plastic silverware and paper plates. We got scallops shrimp and fries all fried plus a salad and cole slaw and a hot dog. Heath and I split a porter.

Camera 360

Everyone was hungry and engulfed the food so we got an English Pale Ale and another round of tasty shrimp. We talked to the people working there about stuff going on in the area a while and polished off round two then headed out. It was raining some and we headed down to the beach and walked along it on the way back to the car. We found some crabs and lots of snails.

Camera 360

Then we got in the van and headed back to our cottage. We finished setting up our bed stuff and got in pajamas. Then we put the kids to bed and Heath watched Pawn Stars and I worked on getting the blog updated. Then we went to sleep.

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