2011 Road Trip Day 13 the 2011 Maine Lobster Festival


I woke up around 8, rolled around a bit then got busy on the laptop getting blogs going and pictures uploading. Peanut woke up a bit later and came to watch and then Heath got up and laid around a bit. Pumpkin was still snoozing pretty good so we stayed quiet. As soon as Pumpkin started making noise we got her up and Heath and the kids started watching tv. I headed out on our little deck and got some water boiling. Pumpkin came out to help me.


Pumpkin ate some apple sauce while I made the oatmeal then she Heath and I had a bowl and Peanut had pop tarts in front of the tv.  IMG_0933

We took our time eating and taking showers and getting ready for the day then left the little cottage and headed south about 40 minutes to Rockland Harbor for the 2011 Maine Lobster Festival.


It was the first day of like a week long festival. Since it was the first day they were not charging admission. There was a lot of stuff going on. We found an awesome lobster steaming center. They had these huge bins that they filled with lobsters and then put them into 1 of 8 steamers and cooked them up then scooped them out and rushed them off to the lobster tent to sell to people. IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0943 IMG_0938 IMG_0940

We also checked out the kids tent with a sandbox and arts and crafts and face painting and lots of fun stuff.
 IMG_0947 IMG_0953 IMG_0949

We wondered around a bit and decided the lobster line was ridiculous.
Camera 360
(line at like 11:30, it curves around that brown roof building and enters the farter big white tent on the right)

We didn’t really want funnel cakes or corn dogs for lunch so we headed to a bar that was just outside the festival. We sat on a big deck overlooking the festival and ordered lobster rolls.  IMG_0957

These were basically lobster sandwiches. They did not come with hot dogs but I had Pumpkin’s on my tray.
 IMG_0958 IMG_0961

We all ate a good lunch and finished off everything. IMG_0960

Then we wondered around the fair some more. My favorite part was these big tubs full of fun stuff from the ocean for the kids to hold.  IMG_0964

We held all this stuff.

Lobsters IMG_0974



Starfish IMG_0970

Hermit crab looking things IMG_0967

And who knows what else


We also saw a bunch of dead sea stuff on ice and I’m not sure why but the shark was cool.


Peanut was dying to do some rides or something so we let him pick two. First he climbed the rock wall.


Then he slid down on a big slide.


Then we were ready to go. Pumpkin really needed a nap so we headed to the cottage and laid her down.I picked up the tents that had dried out.


The rest of us put on swim suits and jumped in the pool


It was a bit cold but fun for a while. Then we sat on the side and had some beer/root beer.

We let Pumpkin sleep for a while then we went back into our cottage and she was waking up so we all changed and headed into town for early bird dinner at a fancy place. IMG_1016

We ordered lobster, crab cakes, wings, potato skins and nachos from the happy hour menu and all shared some of everything. Pumpkin did not eat much and it was not really a full meal.

After dinner 1 we explored on the beach outside a bit and found more crabs and shells and stuff.
 IMG_1026 IMG_1022

We explored the coast a while then went into a little shop for ice cream cones.
 IMG_1028 IMG_1027

After ice cream we went back to the cottage and fired up the propane burner for dinner 2.

We had alfredo noodles and green beans on our deck. We ate it all up and then mosquitos chased us off.


We all 4 laid in the bed and got ready to go to sleep and watched a little tv. Then we put the kids in their makeshift beds and I worked on the blog and trying to get pictures to upload while Heath watched tv until we went to bed.

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