2011 Road Trip Day 14 White Mountain National Forest

It was our last night in a real bed possibly until we got home so even thought we got to sleep early we laid around in bed and tried to sleep in as long as possible. Heath got out first and changed and went for a speed walk down the road toward the ocean. Then I got up and crept onto the deck and started working though the tub of food supplies and tub of cooking supplies and making a breakfast plan. Heath came back and got coffee going. Pumpkin woke up and we brought her out and changed her clothes and got her in her seat eating fruit and a mini bagel with jelly on it.


We tried toasting some other bagels and putting peanut butter on them but they kind of burned. We also had an orange and granola and shared a 2 liter of cherry lime-aid drink stuff.  Peanut slept in a bit then took a shower and joined us for the end of breakfast. While he was eating Heath styled his hair.


The rest of us showered and got dressed and then started packing. We packed up everything from our cottage and unpacked the van then repacked it all better. Then we headed out for about a 3 hour drive to White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. This was not a national park so there was no ranger badge to earn. We kind of snacked some on the way. Then stopped at a visitor center just before entering and looked around and used the bathroom. Then we drove into the park. Our first stop was a wrong turn but had a cool covered bridge to drive over. Our second stop was to stretch our legs and cool off.


This was the lower falls area and it was packed with people. We had to park way down the highway and walk. Peanut was unable to walk he was so excited.

We started out in an area just past all the falls that was less crowded and all nice sand. It was only like 72F outside so we were not dying to swim but the water looked fun and pretty.


After a while Peanut could not stay away from the little falls and stuff so him and I went and explored them. We rode down a few and then we went back to get the girls.
We played with them a little bit more in the sand and then headed back up to the falls. Peanut showed Heath how he went down the falls. I took a video and held Pumpkin

Video is missing, I need to look for it but here are some pictures
 IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1051

This area was really cool and fun but terrible for a camera so we left it with the towels and stuff most of the time.

After both the kids and mom were partially blue and shivering we wrapped up in towels and headed on west through the park. We drove about a mile to another fall that was too big and dangerous to play in.


We checked it out and then hiked over to a pretty little lake.

Then we hiked between them and set up a spot to cook lunch.



It was like 3:00 so we were not sure what to call it but it was good, a packet of cheesy rice, can of black beans and a can of chicken and a zucchini from my sister’s garden.


The kids played while it cooked and several people walked by and smiled at our little meal. We ate the whole thing pretty quick and everyone did a good job. Some of us needed a granola bar to finish everything off. We hiked back out to the car and drove on a few more miles to another waterfall. IMG_1076

This one was a nice hike all uphill to some really cool falls. IMG_1078

We saw the bottom first and then worked our way up. IMG_1079 IMG_1088

Once at the top we read some info on how they formed and stuff and then messed around the brook they were in.


Then we hiked out.


It was getting dark and stormy looking so we didn’t do any more hikes but drove along and checked out some overlooks.


And a pond that was a hot spot for moose.

We parked at the pond and it started raining and we pretended that meant a moose would come soon but none did. Peanut and I saw some prints in the mud and went to check them out but they were just people and raccoon prints so we gave up on the moose. When we got back Pumpkin had stolen Peanut’s Lego book and knew she was in trouble.


We headed out thought the park a way and kept our eyes peeled for moose but could not find any. When we got out of the park we started looking for another dinner instead. We were feeling pizza or burgers and decided on pizza. The first place we went into did not have a good vibe so we continued on and we were really glad we did after we found the second place. We got a large Hawaiian pizza and a kids meal spaghetti and it was all great. The pizza was big thick and hot and even though this was kind of our second dinner we gobbled it all up. I suggested the large so we could eat the leftovers for breakfast but there were none.

We waddled out of the place and down the street a bit to digest and wear the kids out some more then hopped in the van and headed toward Niagara Falls. Heath is driving and I’m getting caught up on blogs. We have a 9 hr drive and everyone should get to sleep some of it. We have 2 more nights in the van and 1 more camping at Cuyahoga and then I think we will all be ready to get home and start recovering from an awesome vacation.

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