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Today is my first day back at work. I expect to be a bit overwhelmed with stuff. Luckily I have several more days of vacations posts stockpiled to use on here. We returned safe and sound last Sunday morning around 1:30am. We had a group of friends in the driveway celebrating our return. I cooked a big BBQ dinner Sunday night and Calzones last night and we have mostly been unpacking, washing things and relaxing since. Lyndsey asked about Ranger Badges a while back so here is a a few. Most places seem to have these plastic badges.  IMG_0909

A few places have patches IMG_0908



And a few places let you pick either one or give you both. I think Peanut earned 8 on this trip total and has 1 or 2 from D.C he is still working on and can mail in when done. I’m guessing he has over 20 total.


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