Nice To Be Home In Our Own Beds.

I’m out of vacation posts. I’ll try to put up a post later today with a link to all the day’s in order and move that to my best of page. So I need to get back into the swing of normal daily posts. Is anyone familiar with plantar fasciitis? I’ve been having heal pain for quite some time and I think it is this. I’m heading to the doctor next week to see if they agree and what they think I should do so I can run again and walk more comfortably.

After work yesterday my heal was really sore so I got a pile of veggies and a cutting board and sat down by the tv and cut them up. Heath and Pumpkin joined and helped out. Pumpkin was starving but we didn’t let her snack much till our dinner of chicken and veggies on brown rice was ready. While eating dinner we started watching There Will Be Blood.

We all ate good and then had some ice cream. Then we paused the movie, got Pumpkin’s car from the garage and walked to the park. I was avoiding doing more walking but it was too nice out and we could not resist. Pumpkin was really excited for the nice enough weather for a walk and had a good time at the playground.
Camera 360

Her bedtime is really early so we headed back fairly soon and Pumpkin and I got her pajamas on and read some books while Heath went to run errands. We set up a toddler bed for Pumpkin and gave up on the crib and tent for a while and all 3 of us are really happy with this. Pumpkin seems to love her “big girl bed” and does a surprisingly good job of staying in bed and going to sleep. Once Pumpkin was down for the night I got busy cooking dinner for tonight as we will be pressed for time. I made a pasta bake thing full of veggies. Stooks called and then came by and we hung out and had a few beers. Stephen joined us and we all hung out on the deck with some home brew.

Camera 360

Heath got done with her errands (I’ll have more on that tomorrow) and joined us until bed time. The rest of us hung out a bit longer then the guys left and I got to bed too.

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