New Do & Bike

Yesterday I mention something about Heath going on errands and I would tell you more about it today. Well she got a hair cut.

Just about everything past her shoulders is gone.

In yesterday’s post I also mentioned I made dinner for last night. It was some wheat pasta and a bunch of veggies and some turkey burger and sausage all mixed up and baked together.

We were in a hurry when we got home so we rushed to eat. I ended up microwaving instead of baking and luckily it was really tasty because parts were really hot and parts were cold. All of Pumpkin’s was cold and that was just fine with her.


Once we had all eaten we hopped in the car and headed off to Peanut’s school. It was some back to school night thing. There were people all over but we found Peanut quick and he showed us to his new classroom and desk. We saw his teacher and his supplies and looked at the names of the kids who will sit next to him on Monday. We wondered around the school and talked with our neighbor that teaches there and Peanuts old teacher and some parents from soccer. Pumpkin was really excited and just wanted to run and explore and mess up stuff in classrooms. So once Heath had to do stuff for the PTA Pumpkin and I went out to the playground so she could burn off some energy.

Camera 360

We both swang a bunch and she climbed all over the playground and did the slides. She was particularly interested in the little bridge thing on chains that was bouncy as she ran over it.

Camera 360

And she was testing out her new croc shoes.

Eventually Heath finished inside and we left. We had a Craigslist meet scheduled so Heath called the guy and then we headed to a QT parking lot. We were early so browsed all the fun meals on the heat rollers until the guy showed up.

Yesterday morning I told Heath that I was planning to get her a bike for her birthday and I was going to surprise her but I would be getting it on Craigslist and it would be nonrefundable so decided I better get her opinion. She really took over the birthday present. She contacted a seller whos bike she liked did some checking on what kind of deal it was and then set up this meeting and brought the cash. She rode the bike around a bit and decided she liked it. The guy was all about bikes but selling this one for his sister and talked about bikes and bike shops and accessories and stuff for quite a while before agreeing to drop the price $10 and sell us the bike. Heath paid the man, I stuck it in the van and off we went. Once home Heath tested it out again so I could get some blog pictures. 

Yes our sunflowers are doing pretty good again this year. One has been droopy from the start and they both seem overwhelmed with seed weight or whatever makes the flowers so heavy. Heath rode around a bit and checked to see if our old neighbor down the street was outside and wanted to get rid of some wood in his yard and I checked out the giant tomato bush that is taking over the garden.

Then we grabbed Pumpkin and went inside. I got her all ready for bed then Heath read her a few stories and tucked her in bed. She is doing so good in the new bed that Heath did not even close her door all the way and when we peeked in later she was laying in bed, under covers fast asleep.  Heath and I watched the rest of There Will be Blood and then headed to bed.

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