There Goes My Boat

So I sold my boat Saturday afternoon. I ended up taking $125 for it. It was sad to see it go but it’s been in the way for the last 2 years and I didn’t see that changing anytime soon. It went with the trailer and 3 motors that I think are all pretty broken. I really liked the guy that bought it and he planned to fix it up good instead of just punch a bunch of holes in it and send it down the Missouri river. And it is not sitting here taking up space.

Friday I rushed home from work changed, packed up a few things and rushed back to work. I met up with Stephen and Nate and we headed to Arrowhead.

Camera 360

We paid $27 to park then set up a little tailgate operation and quickly made some burgers before a potential rain storm came. Camera 360

We ate and had a few beers and then headed in. We found our seats and looked out at the city and the storm. Camera 360

We watched a pretty crummy game but it was nice and cool and it never rained. At 1/2 time we had enough of the game and headed to the hall of fame. It was way more interesting then the game. We looked over everything especially the super bowl stuff.

Camera 360Camera 360

Then we headed out. We picked up my truck and headed to Jon and Amanda’s to get Pumpkin. She was fast asleep but Heath was there and everyone was hanging on the deck talking so we joined them and stayed for a while. It got pretty late and we scooped Pumpkin up and took her to her real bed.

We all slept in good Saturday then ate some breakfast and I worked a bit on the ceiling in the kitchen then we went to Walmart.  We went with a small list for a quick trip but ended up all over the store with tons of stuff. Pumpkin was pretty tired by the end so we rushed home and got her down for a nap. Heath decided to nap also and I played mechanic, diagnosing an error light in the van and fixing the AC in my truck.

Then I tossed some tools in my truck and headed to my moms house to help hang a door. Once there I discovered the door hanging project was canceled but there were other random jobs to do. I helped my mom, sister and brother and we talked a bit about the road trip and other stuff. While there I found a bike and my sister offered to loan it to me.

She thought it worked okay but at least 1 tube would not hold air. I headed home and the girls were prepping dinner stuff and having a snack. About this time the guy called about the boat and said he would come look. As far as I know he is the first one to come look and I’ve been trying to sell it for a month or two. I quickly took off the tarp and cleaned out all the beer cans and stuff and got together all the paperwork. It was an old guy that looked a the serial numbers on the motors and knew when they were made. He figured out some problems with everything and was not sure any motor would ever run again and offered me $100. I asked for $150 and he pointed out more problems and said he would not go over $125. I thought about it a while and decided since he was going to restore it, I’d do $125.

We got the tires aired up and trailer hooked to his truck and the extra junk loaded up. Then Grandma Natty was gone. Then the girls and I got ready and headed to a birthday party for Heath’s cousin. Pumpkin and I mostly played in their pool.


After the newly 1yr old tore apart his cake we headed out. On the way home we took Pumpkin’s to my mom’s for a slumber party giving Heath and I some alone time 3ish days before our anniversary. It was fairly late when we got home and did not feel all that unusual to not have kids around since they would normally be in bed. To celebrate I got to be in charge and Heath cooked me dinner of my choosing. I don’t think I have ever seen Heath used the grill or fry daddy so she made burgers and fries and corn.

We had tomatoes and onions from our garden on them and they were great. We watched some tv and got to bed. In the morning we didn’t really sleep in that late and right away got some coffee and cookies then tried out our new bikes. I expected a short trip with questionable tubes in my tires but they held up just fine.

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We had a real nice ride around the trail up the street. Once home Heath got busy cooking my lunch. We had chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and green beans. While Heath was cooking I got prepared for the afternoon by tossing the canoe on the truck, strapping it down and packing a cooler of drinks.   IMG_1248

Lunch was real good and afterwords we rushed to the river.

Camera 360

The water was not as high as I had hopped but there were some good stretches to paddle around. The weather and water temp were perfect and it was a really nice afternoon. Camera 360

We went a ways upstream then parked the canoe and hiked our way up the river and around some trails some. Then we went back to the canoe and went downstream past the ramp. This way was even better and we didn’t have to drag over mush rocky areas at all. We paddled down till we saw something awsome in the trees and stopped.

Camera 360Camera 360

It was a really nice new tree house. There were giant beams below it and it had power, water and sewer lines. .

Camera 360

It looked like 2 stories with some sort of open floor plan with probably a loft.

Camera 360

We saw an AC unit, nice BBQ grill on the deck and even a wood pile and stove.

Camera 360

There were security cameras monitoring us but we looked it over from the river for quite a while before heading back to the car.

Once home we switched to the van and went to get Pumpkin. She had a good time with my mom and sister. On the way home we stopped by Stooks house for a quick visit before heading home to make dinner and get ready for bed.

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