3 Years Going Strong

August16, 2008

That’s right 3 years ago today we got married.

I am really lucky to have Heath.

Yesterday was also Peanut’s first day of 1st grade.

1st Day 1st Grade

He is a pro at this stuff now so Heath and his dad drove him to school and when they got there he just had them drop him off at the curb and not embarrass him by walking in with him.

Last night I picked up Pumpkin and it came as no surprise she was hungry. She finished off a bag of dehydrated blueberries on the way home. I got busy cooking dinner because she was so hungry and we had a lot to do. She was trying to get a meal before dinner was ready but I was not allowing that and she got grumpy. Luckily Heath distracted her with a clean up the toy area project.

Pumpkin is really smart but she has not figured out that cleaning up is not fun. She likes being given jobs like putting books on the shelf and carrying things to her room. Heath kept her busy and got the toy area looking much better. Meanwhile I was throwing everything I could find into our big pan an added a pile of curry.

I knew it would be an Pumpkin favorite with all the noodles, squash and carrots in it. I set some asside for her and then Heath, Felisha and I dished up. As soon as dinner was close to ready Pumpkin was in her chair with her fork in hand and mouth open. She got busy shoveling it in.

The curry had a 4 of 5 on what I believe is the Japanese spicy scale but I still added some siracha to mine. Before I even got started eating Pumpkin had eaten all her favorites off her tray and was trying to get to mine. I ended up getting her several servings.

After dinner Felicia headed to volleyball, Heath and Pumpkin went out for a walk/drive in the pink car and I got busy on the remodel.

I’ve been working a bit on getting outlets and light switches out of the middle of the ceiling and I got a few more out of there first thing.


This freed up some of the 2x4s that used to be the top of the wall and I was able to take them down.


Heath and Pumpkin came home and got Pumpkin in bed and Heath helped me out some then headed to the bedroom to fold laundry and clean our room. I made some progress then Jon came by.


We put back together some of the wiring from the ceiling in the attic and got everything working well. Then we talked about what to do next and random things to do and about the floorplan. Here is the latest drawing of the room from Home Depot.  prewitt pic 2

This would be sitting on the couch looking behind you at the kitchen. Here is the whole layout from above with 1ft x 1ft tiles for reference instead of the planned wood floor.

I’m not sure if we will go with something like this or not yet but it has potential. After a beer Jon headed home and I got in the shower and washed all the insulation and sweat off. Then I had a sandwich and got to bed. I got an early wake up call from the station and then could not get back to sleep so I got up early this morning and cleaned up all the blown insulation in the attic from around the holes left by the boards and then laid the paper insulation stuff down over the holes to help keep the heat/dust/insulation out a bit. Then I swept up everything that had gotten inside and cleaned up all my electrical stuff and swept and mopped the kitchen floor. I made Heath and I coffee and breakfast sandwiches and got the kitchen/family room tidy. Then I got the girls up and we got ready for our day.

Just in case you don’t know I’m removing the 2x4s on the ceiling so I can begin patching the drywall up there to make it look like there was never a wall.

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