We all made this face when we heard the news.

Tonight Heath and I head to the Farmers Insurance box suite at the Sprint Center. We will do a little wine and dine while listening to the musical styling of Katy Perry.

for free because Heath won a drawing at work.

Did you make the face?

When Pumpkin and I got home last night Stooks and his brother Tom were already over.  Tom and I started talking about the kitchen remodel project right away. We checked out the attic and floor plan drawings and talked about all sorts of cabinets and counter tops and everything else I could think of. We shared some ideas and thoughts and Pumpkin ran around crazy and snacked some.

When Stooks and Tom left we worked on a dinner plan. It was getting late for Pumpkin already so we fed her curry left overs and cottage cheese and random stuff. Then she hopped in the sink.

And we got her all cleaned up while working on more of the kitchen plan and stuff.
Heath was pretty excited about the concert so I offered to put Pumpkin in bed and get dinner cooked for us and Felicia and they would go to the thrift store for a colorful concert outfit.

Pumpkin got on pajamas and got ready for bed then we read a book. Really anymore Pappy gets tired of reading the same books so we mix things up sometimes and instead of reading the words we just talk about what we see on the page and what is going on and what the various animals say and what food looks yummy and work with Pumpkin to repeat words with me.

Then Pumpkin laid down in bed and I tucked her in. I started cutting up chicken and vegetables and tossing them in a pot.  I added more and more things and cooked it all up then added a can of cream of chicken and a little bit of cheese.

Then I poured the creamy goo into a baking bowl and topped with biscuits and stuck it in the oven. I cooked it on a fairly low heat because you never can have any idea how long a couple of girls will shop. I decided to boil some cabbage on the side and cook some squash for Pumpkin to snack on today.

Then I worked on the computer until I saw the van pull in. We pulled out the chicken pot pie and dished up. It was pretty awesome. We ate and watched tv then relaxed untill bed time.

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