Good Morning Ladies

Pumpkin was surprised to discover her friend helping to wake her up this morning.
It was a crazy day at work yesterday and I was busy all day and never got around to breakfast of lunch. I got out late and headed strait for McDonalds for a big bag of burgers. I stuffed them in my face on the way home. Once home I changed clothes and Pumpkin snacked on a burger and Heath had a chicken sandwich.

Pumpkin tasted but did not really eat as as Heath had already fed her dinner. Then I loaded Pumpkin in the truck and we headed to Harrisonvile. We were after a craigslist post. Pumpkin slept for a while on the way and while I talked to the people. Then we loaded our new pool into the truck.

I didn’t take any pictures but I believe this is the same one. It’s 18 feet wide and 4 ft deep. Pumpkin and I drove home then got her in pajamas and read a few books and she headed to bed. Then Jon, Amanda and Alli came by put Alli to bed and Jon helped me store the pool. Then they headed out. I was pretty exhausted so went to bed super early.Heath had gone to a show at Starlight while I was getting the pool and came home sometime after I was asleep.

Alli woke up first and so Heath and I got up and got dressed then got Pumpkin up a little early so she could play and eat some before school.

Then Jon came to get Alli and Heath Pumpkin and I headed to school and work.

Now for pictures from the night before

our costumes
Pumpkin stayed home with Felicia.
candy Katy

laser lights


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