Baby Drake Jaxson Young is here

He is a little guy but very healthy and awesome. He is a blast to hold just look

Here are some of the many pictures already online at

After work Friday I picked  up Pumpkin and headed home. Heath was worn out from 2 nights of concerts so took a nap while Felicia and I played with Pumpkin and get her some dinner. Then Tony came over, we woke up Heath and rushed to the Renaissance Festival.
It was media night and we got in for free plus $1 beers, free soda and food. Right away we headed to the food and drinks and got after it.


We were kind of disappointed to find no turkey legs. Pumpkin didn’t care as she mostly used the food as a spoon to get catsup into her mouth.

But we did try several things and got pretty full. We grabbed a few more beers and wondered around. Most of the stuff was not open but there were several shows and stuff going on.


Heath and Felicia made some friends.

Then we watched the big fire show at the end and headed out.


We went by Stooks’ house on the way home and hung out with him and some friends for a while. Pumpkin was getting pretty sleepy so we headed home early and got her and shortly later us to bed. In the morning we got up a little early and headed to Peanut’s soccer game.  IMG_1342

It was the first game of the season and they were on bigger fields with more players and had not even had a practice yet. Luckily most of the kids were the same and the coach was the same.Peanut was excited to see us.


I think the game will change a lot this season for the boys as they learn to pass and spread out more. Our team got behind a bit then the coach put Peanut on deffence and his buddy on offence. The rest of the team had positions too but it was not clear what they were. Peanut stayed back like he was supposed to and did not let anyone past him.   IMG_1355

He usually hates deffence but he did a great job keeping the other team from scoring. His team was able to score one more goal and I believe that tied it up.  IMG_1353

The kids got some snacks after the game and ran through the parents tunnel of cheer then we headed out. We checked with my sister and she was not quite ready for guests so we did a little shopping and found some stuff for Drake and shoes for Pumpkin. Then we headed over to the hospital and met Drake.

We got to hold her and Pumpkin was really interested in the baby at first and then in Kelly’s crackers and lip balm.

Drake was pretty much asleep the whole time but he did stretch and open his eyes a bit. We hung out until lunch came then headed out. We stopped by a Chinese Buffet on the way home and all stuffed our faces good. This was pretty exhausting so we headed home and all 3 laid down for naps. I woke up first and got busy. I changed the oil in the van first.  IMG_1381

Then the girls got up and I moved onto the kitchen project. Jon came by and we cut out more of the ceiling. We moved some wireing and got the rest of the wall remnants out. We added 2x4s to attach drywall too and then I rolled in some insulation to try to help keep the cold air in the house.  IMG_1372  IMG_1373

Then Tony and Felicia came home and Tony, Jon and I took the canoe and went fishing.


We set up a handful of limb lines and drank a few beers and then pulled in some fish.  IMAG0576

3 were pretty good sized and 2 were little guys.

Then we cleaned them on the bank and got a good bag of meat.

Camera 360 IMAG0578

Then we headed home, split up the meat, cleaned up and got to bed late. In the morning Heath got up first and was going for a walk but I asked her to wait so I could get drywall first. I headed to Home Depot quick then she got her and Pumpkin ready and they went for a walk. I got some drywall cut and measured and prepped everything to put up. Heath and Pumpkin got home and we grabbed a snack then loaded up for a little canoe/swim.


Pumpkin was excited for the boat and to try out her new swimsuit.  IMG_1375

We headed over to the river and the water was high and the ramp covered in mud.  IMG_1376

It was great out. We paddled upstream untill we got to a good gravel bar then we parked the canoe and got out to cool off.



We played a bit then called Tony. He and Felicia were going to join us. We decided to paddle downstream a way and see if there is a better spot to swim. Pumpkin got grouchy and we didn’t really make it downstream far before Tony and Felicia got there. We picked them up in the canoe and we all just played in the water/canoe.


We were all hungry so packed up and headed home. My mom got there at the same time and I helped her out with her new computer and Heath helped her sew some stuff and we got lunch cooked up. Pumpkin laid down for a nap and Tony made some big burgers and we had asparagus and chips.

After lunch Heath and Felicia went grocery shopping and Tony and I hung drywall up.  IMG_1380

We measured and cut and fit pieces.  IMG_1382

And then filled in the holes with them.


The ceiling is going to be tough to smooth out as there are different layers of drywall from the 3 different rooms. So I’ll probably pay to have all the mud stuff done as I’m not confident in my skills. Tony and I finished and the girls got back and unpacked the groceries and Heath got Pumpkin up. Then we cleaned up all the construction debris and ourselves. We were still pretty full from lunch but deiced to fry up some fish for dinner. I didn’t have cornmeal so used pancake batter with some other stuff in it. We also had corn and potatoes. I sandwichified my fish.
Camera 360

It was pretty good. After dinner we had ice cream then Pumpkin went to bed. Then everyone went to bed, well before the sun set after a pretty exhausting weekend.



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