Grouches, Breakfast, The News, and More

Usually when Heath or I pick up Pumpkin from daycare she is ready at the door to pounce on us or sees us come in the door and starts running, laughing and yelling all at the same time.
When she gets a little bigger it will be like Calvin and Hobbes

Yesterday none of the teachers or kids alerted her to my presence and I got to watch her work on a puzzle for a few minutes before she caught me watching and ran to me. Luckily she didn’t run over any kids on her way over to me. She is always kind of grouchy when we leave until I can find a snack for her. I keep some cereal in my center console just for the 2 minutes between home and daycare. I got her calmed down with water and Cheerios. Once home she got angry when it was time to get out of the car and started yelling again. I checked her paperwork and found she had not taken a nap. I could not get her to come inside with me so after taking all our stuff in I came back and brought her in. I could tell she was hungry so I stuck her on the counter and started giving her snacks and preparing our dinner.

She was really happy sitting there eating/drinking and watching me. We played some music and I started preparing a ton of cherry tomatoes. Pumpkin started eating them as I was cleaning and cutting them and probably had a dozen of them plus a bunch of fruit and squash. I could not really come up with a dinner plan around the tomatoes so decided to cook up breakfast for dinner since Peanut was coming home. I also started experimenting with making the tomatoes into a sauce. 

I made 5 little pancakes for the kids and 7 for Heath and I. Ours were full of healthy stuff like oatmeal and really hearty. We also had baked squash bites, black beans and scrambled eggs. Instead of syrup on the pancakes we ran a bunch of blueberries and strawberries through the food processor with some yogurt and put that on the pancakes.

It was way better then syrup and we got at least a serving of fruit out of it. We talked about going on a bike ride but it didn’t really work out. I took a break from cooking and we all got together and talked with Peanut about some exciting news.

Then I finished preparing dinner and we all sat down to eat. The kids ate great. Pumpkin had been eating or grumping all night but still ate a bunch of dinner and stole all the squash from my plate. Once we were done eating Peanut and Heath went for a bike ride and I stuck Pumpkin in the tub.

She was sad when Heath and Peanut left but then excited to play in the tub. I got out her tub paints and she started redecorating.

Eventually I got her all clean and dried off and in pajamas and then we read a few books and she headed to bed. Heath and Peanut got home and he took a shower and put on his pajamas they worked on getting his lunch ready and stuff for today and I worked on an outlet in our floor leftover from the wall. The outlet is really handy but a trip hazzard and only 2 prong.

I took the outlet out and removed the part of the wall it was up on and I had to take our thermostat apart and then put everything back together. I moved the outlet farther out of the way and switched it with a 3 prong so we can plug in our laptops or bread maker or seemingly everything that would be convenient to plug in there.

I worked a bit on the computer and helped Heath a little in cleaning the kitchen. Peanut went to bed then I spilled 75% of the tomato sauce from our garden tomatoes all over the floor. Heath and I cleaned it up then I showered and headed to early bed. Heath did some more kitchen cleaning then joined me.

I got up early and headed to the garage. It was more of a kitchen remod workspace then a garage and storage had gotten a little out of control. I got most everything put away and organized and then swept up. It looked way better. Then I made coffee and breakfast sandwiches and got started on tonights dinner and the rest of Peanut’s lunch. Then everyone else got up and got ready for work and school.




I considered just leaving that picture there at the end of the post without a description but I guess it is time to tell you. Heath has a bun in the oven.


Yes, we are positive


We went to the doctor last Thursday and they confirmed it and because the heart beat was hard to hear we even got to take a peek at the tiny guy/gal bouncing around in there. They were moving around a bunch and had a good heartbeat. If you ever get to watch a sonogram you will probably be surprised at how easy it is to see the baby and how hard it is to see anything when they snap a picture from the video you are watching.

I think Heath is 12 weeks and 1 day along and yes that was the special news we told Peanut about last night. I recorded it but remember Pumpkin was a grump because she did not have enough sleep.

Not sure how if the baby is a boy it is more like Star Wars but I guess Peanut has that going for him.

We are pretty pumped about the new Prewitt and plan to introduce them in early March.

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