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I don’t have much from last night. The picture above would not normally make it on the homepage but it was the only one I took. This morning was a good time though. I got up early and put away and washed some dishes and set out some stuff for breakfast then hopped on the bike and went for a ride. I needed to get lunches and breakfasts ready so I was a little worried I would not have time to do much ridding.

Leaving our house if you are going very far it is always downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back. I cruised down to the trail in no time and hopped on and headed east. It was actually kind of cold in the beginning. Once in the woods it was pretty dark and I snuck up on deer in two different spots. In no time I was at the end of the trail and turned around and headed back. It was not all up hill the way back but certainly most of it was. Once home Heath was getting out of bed. I got a drink of water then got Berry out and took a little test ride to see how he would do. He seemed to really enjoy it but we did not go far. I’ll give him a shot soon.

Heath got busy making cookies and I got busy on breakfasts and lunches.

Last night Heath had to stay late at work so I needed to get both the kids and get Peanut to soccer by 5:30. It was a rush from the start. I went home and got snacks and soccer gear, then picked up Pumpkin then picked up Peanut. His practice was just down the street from the school so we went strait there and got on his shinguards and cleats and the kids ate the snacks I brought and the leftovers from Peanut’s lunchbox. We actually parked across the street in the shade and it was pretty comfortable with the windows open while the kids ate. We watched the rest of the team pull up to the field and sit in their running cars with the AC.It seemed like everyone was not eager to get out in the sun.

Eventually they started to get out so we walked over. It was hot and sunny and there was no shade.The boys stretched and ran and did some drills and then a scrimach. Pumpkin and I watched and she snacked and told me about her day or about practice or who knows what. After practice we rushed home and Heath was there cooking a frozen pizza. Peanut took a shower and Pumpkin ate some more dinner real quick then Heath put her in bed. My heal was bothering me and I finally tried out the frozen bottle thing Lynsey had recomended. It worked great and I plan to use it all the time.

Once Peanut was clean and Pumpkin was in bed we ate some pizza and cereal and watched Loony Tunes. Then Peanut headed to bed. Heath and I got busy with a mini project I don’t really want to talk about on here. It’s not a big deal but a little surprise I don’t want to ruin. sorry

This took up the rest of our night and we made it to bed early again.

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