A Visit to Baby Drake’s House

We went to visit baby Drake last night and I got a bunch of Kelly’s pictures from her and added them to my smugmug page on baby Drake. Here are a few of my favorite.

When I left work I headed to my favorite little drive through take out Chinese place. I got 5 meals and 17 crab rangoon for just over $35. I did have to wait more then the 10 minutes they told me but otherwise it was great. Heath and both the kids barely beat me home and we quickly tossed the Chinese in the car with the kids and some toys and a big cooler full of food in aluminum containers. This food was what Heath and I were busy with last night. We headed out to Gardner to see Drake and I guess his parents and my mom too.

He was eating and on the verge of a nap. As we dished up the Chinese I got to give him a bottle and after a few minutes of uncle sway he was out cold. Peanut postponed his dinner so he could play more xbox motion deally.

Pumpkin sat down and ate for a while then started grazing. She would eat a bite then roam around the house and point out where the baby sleeps (crib) and check on the actual sleeping baby that I moved to the boppy chair. She spent most of the evening patrolling and informing us that the baby was supposed to be in the crib when he was sleeping.

After a while we had all eaten and hung out and taken some turns holding the sleeping Drake. Then we had to head out. On the way home we delivered the 2nd half of the food we had made to Heath’s friend Julie then we went home. We rushed to get both the kids into bed. Then we did laundry and cleaned the kitchen up and watched a bit of tv before heading to bed.

Heath and I slept in till 5:45 then got up and I went for a bike ride first and then Heath did. I stayed in the neighborhood and discovered wierd leg muscles in my thigh that were sore and I didn’t know and discovered my butt was also sore from the seat. Then heath went for a ride and I made french toast, bacon and grapefruit. The kids got up and got ready for school and we let them zombiefy a bit by the tv.

You can’t see it but Pumpkin is sucking on a piece of bacon.


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