A Chicken, some Turtles and the Panthers

Camera 360I don’t say this very often but it was kind of a low key weekend. We had very little planned and did not end up getting involved in too much. Friday we were all kind of beat when we got home from school/work and laid around for a while.

Pumpkin and picked all the broccoli from our garden then I cleaned and cut it up and we added it to our Chinese leftovers and added some other stuff and made an easy tasty dinner. We ate slow and poked around a while.

Then we headed to Sears Outlet off 435 and 87th to look for ovens. We are looking for a slide in/drop in to go in our island and not really wanting a normal one with the back on it. There was not anything there that fit our criteria. This store did have lots of discount clothes and this made the girls crazy. Heath set out on some sort of mission to look at every piece of clothing in the store and Pumpkin set out to run and yell through the isles as much as possible. I tried to act like I did not know them but we were pretty much the only people in the store.

Eventually we escaped and the cart was not terribly filled. We got ice cream cones at McDonalds on our way home. Once there Pumpkin headed to bed and we started watching the chiefs game recorded. Tony and Felicia came home and joined us. After the game we went to sleep.

In the morning I, swept and cleaned the deck, then filled up the kiddie pool.
Camera 360

Then I made healthy pancakes and when the girls got up we ate them quick then headed to the other Sears Outlet by the MO river. We stopped by restore on the way to make sure there was nothing we needed. This Sears had a few drop ins but none that we loved. They did have a regular oven we loved but would make us change the height and shape of the island. We decided to think about it and headed out.

We went strait to Peanut’s soccer game. It was getting pretty hot and there was no shade.  IMG_1424

The boys and fans all drank lots of water and complained about the heat a bit. Coach got the kids prepared and then the game started.  IMG_1426

The other team won but our guys did great. Peanut especially did well.  IMG_1432

It is still mostly huddle around the ball style of soccer but Peanut is one of the few players that tries to stay in position and leaves the herd.   IMG_1434

The boys still don’t pass when they have the ball but I think it will be coming soon because when they don’t have the ball they know to yell pass and try to get into a good spot to receive a pass. So usually all the scoring is from break aways.



Pumpkin and I were watching the game / eating snacks / chasing bubbles some other kids were blowing and Heath was busy assisting the coach.

She stood at midfield and managed the subs. She had a clipboard and let the kids know who to sub for and when.


While I was holding Pumpkin and shooting pictures, all of a sudden the camera stopped shooting. The sun was bright and I assumed the batteries had died. I swapped batteries and still nothing. I took a closer look and found the classic lens error restart camera message. This message has been a terrible part of the last few cameras we have owned. This was the first time it came while the lens was completely closed and inactive but none the less we could not get the camera working the rest of the weekend. Good thing we still have a warranty.

After the game we headed home and got Pumpkin down for a nap. I got a chicken ready for dinner. I injected it with a bunch of Italian dressing and rubbed it with spices and moved it to the grill on super low. Then I mowed the lawn and helped Heath clean house a bit.

Tony and Felicia came home with drinks and Pumpkin got up and we hopped in the now warm pool. Camera 360

I took breaks and checked on the chicken every once in a while. I grilled a bunch of onions and green beans. Camera 360

We played in the pool a while and Mike and Julie came by. They didn’t bring suits but hung out on the deck untill the chicken was ready. We let some corn cook while I deboned/skinned it.Camera 360

It was cooked really well and the skin and bones slid right off. We had the chicken on tortillas with rice and beans and dip and all sorts of good stuff.

We moved inside to eat and spent the rest of the night hanging out talking and digesting. Stephen and Becky came by and we all stayed up pretty late.

In the morning Pumpkin and I got up first and I cooked sweet potatoes, chicken leftovers and eggs. When Heath got up we had a nice breakfast. We played around the house for a while then headed to the park. Camera 360

We went to one on Roe because it was mostly in the shade and cool. Pumpkin ran around the little stream thing and the sandbox and the playgrounds.

Camera 360

I think the coolest part was the little stream that the kids play in here.

Camera 360

After the park we headed home so Pumpkin could take a nap and Heath could do craft day with some work friends. While the girls were busy I made a huge pot pie for our dinner and got my own little nap in. Once Pumpkin was up we headed back to the deck pool and spent over an hour playing go turtle. Sometimes we both crawled around the pool saying turtle but mostly the little turtle would climb on the back of the big turtle and say “go turtle” and we would swim around in circles as fast as we could until the little turtle would say “stop turtle”.

We started getting hungry and hopped out of the pool, we took showers and got the dinner in the oven and got all dressed. While waiting for Heath to come home we colored and Pumpkin got all dirty again. As soon as Heath came home we ate and Pumpkin got even messier. Then the girls took a shower and got Pumpkin in bed. Heath did some scrap booking and I watched TV till bedtime.

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