Pappy & Pumpkin’s Pool and Pizza Party

Camera 360

I’m really late getting to the post today but I do have a few decent cell phone pictures. Heath has lots of work to get done so Pumpkin and I got on swimsuits and went out back right away after a little snack. Camera 360

We actually ate some crackers in the pool. Pumpkin was not as interested in playing Go Turtle last night but we did do a lot of Pumpkin Airplane.

Camera 360

After the pool Pumpkin took a sink bath and then I dried her off and got clothes on her. I got dressed and all 3 of us headed to Waldo Pizza to meet up with Mom, Matt and Mike. We got there early and got our order in and Heath started on a salad and shared it with Pumpkin.

Camera 360

Then the pizza came and we got busy on real dinner. Pumpkin was tired and hungry and did a great job eating, waving to the waitress and other kids and high fiving Mike anytime he used his hands when talking. Camera 360

We ate as much as we could then headed home. We got Pumpkin in bed right away then I headed to Walmart. I took the warranty stuff with me and hoped to come back with some awesome new camera.

Unfortunately they don’t do the extended warranty stuff and referred me to a web address/phone number.  I got a couple of other things like big girl diapers for Pumpkin and headed home. Once home I called the warranty folks and got a warranty return ball rolling. Then I digested pizza, watched tv and went to bed. Heath worked more until some point and then joined me. We biked again this morning and saw more deer. We brought Berry with us and got him good and exhausted but he still chased the deer off before we got close.

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