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I believe everyone is just fine, except moms car.

I ended up working a bit late. Heath is super busy with work stuff and worked from home yesterday. She got away from her computer for a few minutes and put leftovers in the oven so when Pumpkin and I got home we sat down and started eating.

All the leftovers were gone pretty quick so I split a salad with Pumpkin and then some cake and ice cream. Then Heath got Pumpkin started on playdoh and I got ready to take Pumpkin to the park to play out of Heath’s way. Before we left my sister called and said my mom had been in a car wreak.

It was one of those deals were the story got worse as it was retold. At the time I heard mom got hit at 60mph and her car was in two pieces. Pumpkin and I rushed to Gardner. Pumpkin fell asleep on the drive immediately. When we got there we found the real story. Mom was stopped at a red light behind 1 car. A car came from behind and did not see the cars parked there or the red light and ran into the back of them. The speed limit was 50MPH and when the police showed up the bad driver got out of her car and said “I was going really fast and not paying any attention”. Everyones necks and backs were a little sore but otherwise they said they were okay.

When Pumpkin and I got there the police were helping mom get the last of her stuff out of the car and the tow truck was eager to get the cars out of the road. I took some pictures from across the street and the car driving up to the tow truck but they didn’t save for some reason.

We put moms stuff in our car and Pumpkin was still snoozing. I drove mom home and she talked to insurance people the whole way home. Once home we figured out it would be about 8 business hours before she could get a rental car and she had stuff to do in the morning. My sister is not driving so we called her and then headed back to Gardner to borrow her car. Pumpkin had woken up by this point so we made a pit stop in moms for her to stretch her legs and get a drink and snack.

Pumpkin and I dropped mom off in Gardner then sang some songs on the way home. It was after Pumpkin’s bedtime so we told mom goodnight then got in pajamas and in bed. Then I put away dinner remnants and did the dishes and took out the trash and cleaned up the kitchen. Heath was still working on the computer so I told her good night and I headed to bed. She came to hear car accident stories when I went to bed then got back to work.

This morning I went biking on my own and went pretty far and fast for me and actually got sweaty. I was concerned there were no deer for a while but then saw 2 groups of them just before heading back.

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