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It was no surprise Pumpkin was ready to eat when I picked her up from school.
Camera 360
Neither Heath nor I were very hungry when we got home so we set Pumpkin up for dinner and then we started prepping for the weekend. I started working on dishes and packing food but Pumpkin wanted every dish and food item I was working on so I put Pumpkin in the bedroom while Heath was going through maternity clothes. This made things go a lot smoother and when I came back to the bedroom Pumpkin had just about cleaned her plate. I gave her more squash and some yogurt and then Heath brought her back to the kitchen to finish up.

We got a bit more ready then headed to Aldi. We loaded up on groceries and Pumpkin sat up front and snacked on grapes. This worked great and she was happy and interested in the other shoppers. She did not even mind that everyone referred to her as a little boy in her Chiefs jersey. Camera 360

We headed home and unpacked groceries and got some more stuff ready for our weekend. Heath got Pumpkin’s stuff ready and I got Peanut’s. Then she put Pumpkin to bed. I made us up a couple of big salads full of veggies and random leftovers. Heath got done putting Pumpkin to bed and topped the salads with chunks of avocado.

Camera 360

Then we sat down and started watching the Chiefs game and eating. I don’t think Heath liked the random leftovers mixed into her salad but I enjoyed all mine. This was it for the night, we watched the game, Felicia came home and joined us, eventually we moved to the bedroom and I went to bed right at the end. In the morning I made breakfast, cleaned out the van, and took Berry for a bike ride. It was probably a bit to long and fast for him but he loved chasing the deer and swimming in the creek.

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