Labor Day Vacay: Part 2


If you read yesterday’s post in the morning or early afternoon you may want to go back I updated it a couple times during the day and finished up all the story from our trip to Saint Louis.

Monday morning we slept in and woke up freezing. I had set something on the thermostat and inadvertently set it to like 50F on a day where we didn’t even need the AC on. I got up first and turned it on. Then I cooked pancakes and stuff for everyone. We ate a lot of breakfast then messed around the house. Around noon Stooks came over and we packed up the car and got on our swimsuits and warm clothes.


Then we loaded in the van and headed to Oceans of Fun.


Heath had gotten tickets at work early in the summer and Monday was the last chance to use them. It was not even 70F outside when we left but we decided to make the most of it.   100_1231

It was cold, especially for the first 1/2 of the day but there was not many people there and no lines. We easily checked out everything.


Peanut was just tall enough to be allowed on all the slides. We played for 2 hours then we got hungry and Pumpkin started shivering. We headed outside of the gate and had a pick-nick. I had cooked up quessadillas and we had chips and fruit and gaterade. It was really good. We got pretty warm in the sun eating lunch and were ready to play more when we got back in.

 100_1229 100_1243

We pretty much played till they closed. Pumpkin got cold again and when Heath wrapped her up in a towel she fell asleep.


When Pumpkin got up, Heath and Peanut rode the Monsoon 3 times without getting off then we went home. We were starving again and immediately fired up the grill and fry-pot. Stephen and Becky brought over fries and I tossed on burgers and shortly later we were having a really nice BBQ on the deck. After dinner we worked on getting the kids in bed and shortly later us in bed.

Yesterday I spent the day with Kelly and Drake and had a great time.

Camera 360

Once home Pumpkin and I had some tea and snacks

Camera 360

Then I made some chicken pineapple stuff for dinner.

Camera 360

Then Pumpkin had a sink bath and got ready for bed.

Camera 360

Today I’m playing with my nephew Drake some more.

Camera 360


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  1. Heather says:

    Peanut and I were at soccer practice while Chris and Pumpkin were tea partying it up.

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