Catching Up

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I’m back at work and really playing catchup today.

Yesterday I spent the day at Kelly’s again helping out. It was her first day behind the wheel in a long time. She took a test run to Sonic and brought me and Drake back some hot dogs with lots of stuff on them. Drake did not eat his fast enough so I got to eat them both. Then Kelly went to a doc appointment and Drake and I had the afternoon to ourselves. He ate for about 10 minutes and the rest of the time he was like this. Camera 360

He fell asleep on my legs like this

Camera 360

then he shifted around some and I moved hot to my side and eventually He was just leaning against my leg but he barely or never really woke up.

After Kelly got back from the doctor I snuck out and she took over watching Drake. I headed into work to get a few things done. Once done I rushed home. Luckily I had made a double batch of homemade mac and cheese in the morning so dinner was easy for us and Kelly. Heath had it all warmed up and we sat down to eat shortly after I got home.

Camera 360

It was really tasty but not all that healthy.

Camera 360

I did sneak a few veggies in and used whole wheat noodles but the tons O cheese made it pretty heavy. After dinner we had some brownies I had made the night before. I tried out a new recipe I saw online, 1 box of brownie mix, 1 can of black beans (drain bean goo and fill with water) and 1 kid apple sauce cup. They were like a cross between brownies and fudge and really good. There was no sign of black beans as I had run them through the blender.

After dinner Pumpkin took a sink bath and Heath got her ready for bed. Peanut and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Then we worked on home work and I took apart our computer. A new computer from woot had arrived and I was Frankensteining all the media center parts from our old computer to use in the new one.

Then Peanut showered and went to bed and Heath and I got stuck on the couch for an hour of Modern Family reruns. While watching Jon showed up and hung out for a while.  When he left we went to bed and in the morning I got a freezing cold bike ride in.

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