First NFL and PAT of the season

I don’t have a good picture for today so here is a woodpecker we heard this morning right in front of our house.
Camera 360

Pumpkin and I got home and picked a few tomatoes and then I got dinner leftovers heating up. Heath got home shortly later and we got busy eating. Pumpkin was really crabby and may have not been feeling well. She ate a really good dinner but was angry while eating. We were supposed to have a Parents as Teachers meeting but we were not sure Pumpkin was up for it. I got her in the tub and Pumpkin called our lady. Once in the tub Pumpkin was great. She played and laughed and had fun and was back to her normal self. Once done with the bath she got on pajamas and read and played with me. Heath called the lady back and she headed over.

We had a nice meeting. It had been a while as we had taken a summer break from PAT. The Lady brought toys for Pumpkin to play with and talked about all sorts of development and skills. Just like last year Pumpkin really liked to show off and demonstrate how smart she is. She was happy and fun the whole time. As she was packing up Stephen and Becky and Jon came by and met her. They stayed for the game and the PAT lady left. Felicia came home and Heath’s brother stoppped by and we watched the first NFL game of the year.

We did a lot of talking and screwing around and watched some of the game. We had some humus and the brownies from the night before. We also played with my new iPad from work.

In the morning I got up early and worked on getting our other new toy set up.

Camera 360

The new media center computer. I got it up and running but it needs a few parts and more setup before it will be really ready.

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