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Camera 360

I spent the end of the workday Friday at the new Kauffman Center. We went to quickly test some stuff for a remote broadcast this week and ended up spending all afternoon exploring the place looking for a good spot to set up for the broadcast. We wondered all over the place looking for an acceptable spot. We ended up picking the corner closest to the foreground in this picture against the glass wall.

Then I headed home and got Pumpkin on my way. Heath got home right after me and we talked with the neighbors a bit then headed inside. Our camera was back from the Walmart repair and working good but we didn’t take many pictures with it this weekend. Felicia and then Tony came home and we ate dinner and hung out with them and I worked on getting the rest of the media center computer all set up. We ate a small quick dinner then headed to Sears Outlet.

First we went to the MO one and looked over the ovens and stuff. We found one we really like but it was more then we wanted to spend. It was in the back room and not on the floor yet so we feel like we can keep shopping around some more and not have it sold before we decide. We also liked some other ones and thought about going the cook top and wall oven setup. Then we headed to the KS one and their supply was unimpressive. Pumpkin was pretty sleepy so we headed home and got her in bed.

Then we got busy prepping the kitchen. We emptied cabinets and removed screws and threw away and moved around a lot of stuff. Then we headed to bed.

Saturday I got up and got busy. I cut the power and moved a bunch of wiring around and then took down a little bit of leftover wall that was behind the oven. I ran internet cable though the attic to the media center and moved the antenna for it into the attic. I worked hard all morning. Heath and Pumpkin got up and had a quick breakfast then headed to Aldi for some groceries. The house was a pretty dangerous place when they got home so we decided to go to a used appliance store to check for commercial stoves and give Pumpkin time to wear out.

They had 3 ovens that were big and beefy and tempting.

Camera 360 Camera 360
Heath loved the old school black oven but it had some issues and was pretty expensive.

The place was huge and we looked it all over and stuff then headed home. Heath got Pumpkin in bed for a nap and I got back to work. Tony came home and helped me out while Heath took a nap too. Tony and I moved the refrigerator and then took down most of the cabinets on the wall around it. We left one section of cabinets because they were huge and built in floor to ceiling. We ended up moving it around a little bit but leaving it up for now. For some reason I forgot to take any pictures but I got this one shot of where the fridge is.


It is pretty annoying to get to the fridge now so I’ll be working on moving the oven into an island soon. Heath got up for the last of the moving and helped us clean it all up and move the furniture around to fit the new room. I had only eaten some snacks during the day and was starving. Pumpkin got up from her nap and she helped with the last of the work for the day.

Heath organized the toy area and I got busy on dinner. Tony headed out and we had some pasta stuff.

Heath and I were beat and took it easy the rest of the night. We got Pumpkin back in bed then crashed on the couch and watched TV and played with the iPad. Jon joined us to watch Dirty Harry and then Tony and Felicia came home for the end of it. We got to bed fairly early and we got up fairly early. I had a game to get ready for I packed up the cooler and truck and the girls got some breakfast.

Then Stephen and I picked up Nate and headed to Arrowhead.

Camera 360

We got there early and had some beers and grilled kabobs. The game was pretty bad but we had a good time.

Camera 360

After the game I was pretty beat. Heath and Pumpkin had been out watching Peanut’s soccer game and going to a birthday party. I relaxed for a few minutes and had a snack then got busy on dinner. The girls came home and we had biscuits and gravy, fried eggs and potatoes. It was really good and then we got ready for bed and called it a night.

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