Night Night Time

Heath picked up Pumpkin and met me at the DAV right after work. Actually it’s not called the DAV but something like red ticket or something. Anyway it’s like the Goodwill with better stuff/prices. Pumpkin and Heath each got a pair of shoes. Heath got a nursing bra and I got a suit jacket, old school Chiefs shirt and a nice Adidas work shirt all for just over $20.

We were there for quite a while and checked out a bunch of stuff but I was really pleased with all the stuff we got.

Once done shopping and home we got busy reheating some dinner leftovers and making a nice salad.

Once the pasta stuff was all warmed up we sat down to eat.

We ate up all the leftovers and salad and then Pumpkin started playing “Night night time” with Heath. She made her lay down on her floor mat and then covered her with blankets and brought her stuffed animals and stuff.

Getting Heath to bed was quite and ordeal and just about everything from Pumpkin room was brought out to the floor bed. The pretend bedtime stuff was pretty interesting to see. Pumpkin has really been a booger about sleeping the last several nights. She was so good in her bed at first but now she gets out and reads books or plays or knocks on her bedroom door. She ends up falling asleep on the floor sometime after Heath and I both take multiple turns going in and rocking her and then putting her back in bed. I’m not sure if the tent is coming back or how we are going to break this habit.

When it was Pumpkin’s bedtime Heath got her in pajamas and read some books and tucked her in. Heath stayed in the room to keep her in bed but Pumpkin just fussed at her. Heath rocked her some more and laid Pumpkin down. I went to Home Depot and grabbed a water line for a refrigerator then got busy hooking it up under the sink.  IMG_1463

I drilled a few holes in the back corners of the cabinets and ran the line through and over to the fridge. I got everything all connected and hooked up good and now our fridge has ice and water again.  IMG_1465

While I was working on that Heath started going through tubs of stuff from the kitchen and working on making an art table for the kids. We are not sure it will be there long term but for now it will be fun since Pumpkin is in love with coloring. Heath had a lot of stuff to go through and once I was done with the water line I started working on plans for moving the oven and where to put the temporary island and where our oven would go so I know where the gas line needs to move.Here is a shot of the wall where the fridge used to be and the art station is going in.


We worked on our kitchen until it was time for dessert and bedtime then called it a night. This morning we went on a bike ride and somehow did not see any deer.

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