That’s right more giant toys to squeeze into the garage!Pumpkin was hungry and I had some extra work to catch up on when we got home. Heath fed Pumpkin and I worked on the computer. Then Heath left for Peanut’s soccer practice and I called a bike trailer Craigslist lady and arranged to go check it out.

This could have been a quick little pickup but I needed to get cash and then my cell phone battery died and I didn’t know exactly where I was going so it took us a while to get there. Pumpkin played sidewalk chalk with a little girl and I talked to her dad about the stroller. The sweet 1980s design was an easy feature to see but he showed how the bike connected and the safety features and stuff.  IMG_1478

We attached the cover thing and I the zippers and all were still good. There are two seats so when Pumpkin gets a little sibling they both can probably ride. I paid the guy and loaded it in the truck. Just before the highway I got worried the cover would come detached so I took it off.

Pumpkin and I got home much quicker so we hooked up my bike and went for a test run. Pumpkin was pretty excited and saying bike ride and lounging all cool. I was surprised it was harder to peddle then I expected. We cruised down to the park to play a bit.  IMG_1472

Pumpkin climbed through the tunnel


And went down the slide a few times.


Then we hopped back on the bike and headed home. Heath got home from practice, saw the note we left and biked to meet us. Pumpkin was pretty excited to show off the trailer. We all peddled home and got Pumpkin ready for bed. We got on pajamas, turned down all the lights and calmly rocked and read a story on the iPad.

After this things went wrong. It was pretty simple Pumpkin refused to lay down in bed. I could hold her in bed but otherwise she was up. I tried a bunch of tricks and stayed in her room or right by the door for a long time but nothing I could think of worked. While I fought Pumpkin Heath was busy cooking dinner. Eventually I decided I would never be able to force her to sleep so I let Pumpkin screw around in her room and I went to eat some chicken peanut veggie stuff.

Heath got a bottle of general tso sauce and made the recipe on the back. It was really tasty.

We ate it all up and watched some tv and then got ready for bed. Pumpkin played and played and fell asleep on the floor by the door sometime after 10.

This morning I got up early loaded the bread machine with some ingredients for some sort of Italian bread. I didn’t measure anything and vaguely followed a recipe so it may be terrible but we will see. Then I went for a big fast bike ride. I was pretty beat when I got home. Pumpkin had woken up early and was grouchy. We had a terrible morning getting her a snack and a shower and dressed and to school. She is really tired and we need to come up with a sleep solution.

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  1. Ding says:

    We had a hard time with Victoria not wanting to go to bed and she loves for us to read her books at nap and bed time, so if she fights us on going to bed or not staying in bed she starts to lose books. This was hard the first couple of days but we stuck with it and now we warn her about the loss of a book and she knows what it means.

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