Happy 31st Birthday Heath

Heath got home just before Pumpkin and I and as we were heading inside Heath was getting out of the van and we decided to run to the grocery store right away. I put Pumpkin in the van and dropped my stuff off inside. I peaked at the bread machine and saw the results of not measuring. 

My loaf had outgrown the maker and the whole house smelled like a pizza restaurant. Then we headed to the Sunfresh Meat department and Heath picked out some steaks for the adults and chicken legs for the kids. We thought about going to Aldi but Pumpkin was ready for dinner so we headed home and got working on dinner. Pumpkin was glad about this choice.

Pumpkin had canteloupe, black beans, corn, green beans, carrots, mac and cheese with peas and some of my bread. She didn’t like the crust but the inside was soft and great.

Heath and I made big salads for us.

After my salad was gone I ate the rest of the beans with tortilla chips. Pumpkin ate a good dinner then we encouraged her to run around the house a bunch and ride her horsey.

Then Heath and Pumpkin calmed down and read a few books.

Then I gave her a warm sink bath.

Then we put on some warm soft pajamas and Heath read more books while I cleaned up Pumpkin’s room and hid anything I could think of that would be fun to play with. Then I got Pumpkin and we read a book and I laid her down. She started yelling and jumped out of bed and beat me to the door so I laid her down again and quickly snuck out.

She knocked on the door and yelled for us. Heath and I did some kitchen remod planning then Heath and Felicia went to Aldi. I got out a few tools, pushed the oven out of the way and cut a hole in my kitchen floor.

 IMG_1488 (2)

Actually the hole in the floor was not as easy as I expected. I had planned to make one big hole but could not get my bearings on what was where down there and went for a little hole instead. I was surprised to find the gas line coming from a different direction then I had expected.

 IMG_1489 (2)

I called Jon and we made some changes to our oven move plan for the weekend then I got busy closing up the hole for now.

The girls came home with tasty groceries and I quickly put the kitchen back together and helped them get started on tonight’s SUPER BIRTHDAY DINNER. Felicia cut up and mixed up anything salad related she could find and Heath approved. I got chicken legs seasoned and cooking partially in the toaster oven then got seasonings on the steaks and helped prepare the list of stuff to bring and other things for the BBQ. Heath had picked out some big taters and cooked them and prepared twice baked potatoes.

She did the initial baking and mixed with a bunch of cheddar and used a whole pound of bacon. Then topped with bacon and wrapped them in foil. They will get the second baking on the grill tonight.

Felicia and I headed to bed and Heath finished up her potatoes and went to bed. Oh yeah Pumpkin yelled and knocked until I started drilling/sawing on the floor. Once she heard that noise she quieted down to listen and then must have fallen asleep.

So Heath came to bed an we fell asleep. At about 5:15 this morning we heard the child safety thing on the door knob across the hall turning and turning. I got up and sure enough Pumpkin was awake. But just barely awake. I changed her diaper and rocked her for a minute then brought her into our room. It was still to dark to play so she sat between us and slowly started leaning more and more on me. Then she laid down and fell asleep hard. I turned off my early alarm and we all slept in. My second alarm went off and I got up but Pumpkin was still out.

As I was about done getting ready for work she woke up and was in a super mood. We ran around the house and laughed and hugged and got her all dressed and snacked up and I took her to school. So last night was not a complete sleeping success but it was a lot better. The trick must be to cut holes in the floor.

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  1. Becky says:

    Happy Birthday Heath!!!!

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